The B-girl on “So You Think You Can Dance”


I’m an occasional viewer of So You Think You Can Dance — only occasional because host Cat Deeley bugs me and because sometimes the show is just too much work (must it really be two hours long?). But generally I like it because it focuses on a talent you can’t really fake — there are no Sanjaya equivalents who get votes based on hair or image rather than skill.

One of the SYTYCD contestants recently caught my eye and has turned me into a regular viewer. Sara Kei VonGillern is a hip-hop dancer who lists snowboarding and writing among her hobbies.

Sara spent last summer in New York taking dance classes and hanging out with b-boys and b-girls. She is also part of a traveling hip-hop act: "Our show is called ‘Monster Shop Bump’n’ and it focuses on hip-hop and breaking dance styles with fun costume characters and positive hip-hop and soul music." But wait, there’s more: Sara has a degree in public relations and loves design almost as much she loves dance. Isn’t it annoying when people have that much energy?

Anyway, that’s all fine and dandy, but the point of this post is that Sara recently krumped the hell out of SYTYCD. She was more gangsta (not to mention way sexier) than the guy named Jesus she was dancing with. And she’s still on the show, but he isn’t.

Yeah, I think Sara can dance — not that I know much about dance. I just know it’s cool that the female contestants get to bust a move in jeans and T-shirts sometimes, as well as in heels and ball gowns. As judge Mary Murphy so often (and so loudly) says, wooooooooo!

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