Gina Gershon likes Jennifer Tilly’s skin — almost as much as she likes breakfast


There’s a lot to love about Gina Gershon. First, Bound — and that could really be last, too, because Corky is the ultimate in hotness.

But then Gershon just kept doing cool things, like Showgirls, which is so bad, it’s good; Prey for Rock and Roll, in which she played a lesbian again, but this time one with a guitar; and Ugly Betty, in which she shows her comedic skill and thus becomes even sexier. (I’m ignoring her new role in Rescue Me for the moment, because I don’t like to think of her making out with Denis Leary).

Gershon is now showing her brainy side, having co-written a book for young adults, Camp Creepy Time. She’s also back on the big screen in Delirious, which has screened at various film festivals and is finally getting a limited U.S. release in August.

In the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, Gershon takes the “Pop Culture Personality Test” and gives us even more to love. Here are some highlights:

Which rocker do you relate to most? (a) Chrissie Hynde; (b) Janis Joplin; (c) Joan Jett; (d) Stevie Nicks.

Oh, man, that’s tough. I’d have to go with Chrissie Hynde. She’s pretty badass. She can play guitar.

Who was your best onscreen kiss with?

I’d say Lenny Kravitz [in his video for 2000’s “Again”]. And I have to say, Jennifer Tilly is pretty good.

Stranded on an island, who would you eat first? (a) Arnold Schwarzenegger; (b) John Travolta; (c) Molly Ringwald; (d) Jennifer Tilly.

Jennifer Tilly. She has really nice skin. If you eat one of those hairy guys, it’s too much work getting that hair out from your teeth.

I’m just going to let the hair-in-your-teeth comment float on by. The EW website offers a bonus: “Coffee Break With Gina Gershon.” It seems that her brain is “slow” without breakfast or caffeine — she couldn’t even remember the name of her Rescue Me character. That’s OK, Gina: Sometimes a selective memory is a beautiful thing. Anyway, here are some more questions and answers:

Do you think there’s a common thread in your filmography and if so, do you think there’s a vibe or a theme?

I think the randomness is the only thing that’s common. [in coffee shop, orders a latte] Don’t you think? My filmography is so random.

What’s your porn name: that’s your childhood pet’s name + the street you grew up on.

Oh, no. I thought it was your mother’s maiden name.

No, it’s your pet’s name. Did you have a pet?

Yeah. But that’s such personal information. I don’t think I can give that out at this time. I don’t just like randomly give out my porn name that easily. I have to at least be taken out to dinner for that one.

And here’s one more Bound picture, just because it’s so hot (even though the labrys tattoo is kinda lame).

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