Angelina Jolie: Bargain Raider


As has been widely reported all over the internet today, Angelina Jolie wore a $26 dress to the premiere of her new film A Mighty Heart last night in New York. Here she is, saying, “Neener neener! I got such a bargain!”

Apparently she got the dress at Wasteland, a vintage shop (aka “thrift store” to you and me) on Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles. In my opinion, the dress is all right, but it’s nothing special. In fact, it looks like $26 was about the right price for it. But though the dress may have cost $26, her shoes did not: They are Christian Louboutins with crystal heels. Check ’em out here (and check out Brad Pitt‘s snazzy not-$26 suit, too):

The fact that the price of her dress made international news is either pathetic or proof that people are really, really bored these days now that Paris is in jail. Actually, that’s kind of pathetic, too. What’s not pathetic? Even though Brangelina didn’t allow press to cover their film premiere, they did spend plenty of time signing autographs for their fans.

Yeah, Angelina knows the value of her fans. She’s probably stepping up her popularity campaign now that Leisha Hailey nabbed the top spot on our Hot List. Here’s another shot of Angie, where I bet she’s thinking: “Yeah, No. 2, whatever. Next year I’m gonna be No. 1!” 

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