Kate Winslet: International Trésor


Kate Winslet is the new face of Trésor, Lancôme’s signature fragrance line. And, my, what a lovely face it is (AfterEllen.com Hottie No. 3, holla!).

Now, I’ve discussed actresses as spokesmodels here before, but this announcement gave me pause. It’s not just the radiance that is Kate (I could stare at her face all day and not get tired or, possibly, blink) that caught my eye, but the classiness of past campaigns. I’m not a perfume fan by any means; most of the stuff gives me a raging headache. But I do recall liking Trésor, if only for the luminous ads featuring the always-luminous Isabella Rossellini. Remember those from the early ’90s? Talk about your pretty in pink.

The ads since have been equally lovely because they relied on the strength of the subject’s face, not the suggestiveness of her sultry pose. So I am excited to see how the photos with Kate turn out. Given how fantastic the woman looks doing everyday activities (giving her son a lift, waiting for a taxi, walking in the rain, you name it), I can only imagine how stunning she’ll look when done up for maximum swooniness. [p.s. How lesbian-ish does Kate’s friend look in that taxi photo? The hair, the belt. I’m just saying.]

This endorsement is also an affirmation for women all over the world who are tired of hearing that Kate Winslet is “curvy” (read: big). Please, for the love of all that is good and right, Kate is in no way, shape or form overweight. Heavy, no. Heavenly, yes.

Images via katewinsletfan.com

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