“Rick & Steve”: Animated gays and their lesbian friends


Here’s an exclusive sneak peek at Logo’s new animated series Rick & Steve. First, the requisite disclaimers: (1) Yes, Logo is AfterEllen.com’s parent company, and (2) yes, this sounds like a show about gay men. But (a) nobody at Logo is holding a gun to my head as I type this (for one thing, I’m on my couch and don’t generally let gun-toting gays into my apartment), and (b) the show does feature a lesbian couple — in fact, they’re in every episode.

Rick and Steve and their lesbian friends are poseable plastic folk who are wholly unsuitable for children. Voices are provided by Peter Paige (the adorable Emmett on Queer as Folk), Alan Cumming, Wilson Cruz (My So-Called Life) and Margaret Cho. And the music is by the brilliant minds behind the awesome Avenue Q, which is enough to make me optimistic.

Rick & Steve debuts Tuesday, July 10. This trailer debuts tomorrow — did I mention we’re getting an exclusive sneak peek? I know it’s silly of me, but any kind of sneaking makes me feel well chuffed. I’m still high from the fact that I got to see Titanic as part of a test audience, before they had even finished all the special effects. Sadly, I don’t think Kate Winslet is in Rick & Steve.

Ahem. Anyway, here’s the trailer:

Hmm. Yeah, I’ll have to give this a try, mostly because I really enjoyed my Fisher Price people when I was a kid, and I probably tried to make them do inappropriate things together. Also, did you see that weirdly cute cat at the end of the trailer?

More info will be available soon on the official Rick & Steve website.

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