Kate Walsh can say “poop” and “vagina” too


In the comments on our Hot 100 list, AfterEllen.com user wyle e coyote mentioned that Kate Walsh (our #14) recently had a few things to say about the Maxim Hot 100 list. I too enjoyed her appearance on The Showbiz Show With David Spade (even though it never occurs to me to watch that show — good thing my girlfriend programs the DVR while I’m aimlessly wandering the internets in search of blog topics).

Walsh was funny and sexy, and her comments about the Maxim list captured the love-hate relationship a lot of us have with the whole notion of list-making. (Yes, her comments were probably written for her, but never mind that.) Funny, sexy and insightful? No wonder we like her so much.

And then there’s the ripping-open-her-shirt thing at the end. That doesn’t hurt.

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