Leisha Hailey responds to our Hot 100 List


After you voted Leisha Hailey No. 1 on our Hot 100 list, we passed the news onto Ms. Hailey herself, and she was gracious enough to let us know how it made her feel. Here’s her response to topping the list:

Wow, I don’t even know what to say. I hope Angelina’s not mad at me. I have to say this really makes up for the time I was on the Homecoming Court in High school with my boyfriend (yes I had one) and he won and I didn’t. So thanks to everyone. I’ll try and keep up my hottness.

All my love, Leisha

Let’s commemorate this special moment by taking a brief trip down memory lane. Remember when Leisha was in The Murmurs? Here she is back then:

After that she rocked out in her next band, Gush:

Then in 2004 she took on the role that made her a favorite with thousands of lesbians who hadn’t already known her: Alice Pieszecki on The L Word.

Cheers, Leisha!

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