Are you a Willow or a Buffy? An Izzie or a Callie? A Buster or a Gob?


Attention TV buffs with time to kill! There’s a new book out this week called
Your TV Alter Ego
, billed as "The ultimate television character
personality test." It contains 52 tests with ten questions each that tell
you which character you are on Buffy / The Office / Veronica Mars etc.

Quizzes for two of the shows — Scooby Doo and Grey’s Anatomy
— are on the book’s website,
and I took the latter one, which told me…

Here’s Izzie (Katherine Heigl) looking cute (and very different from her photo on our Hot 100 List):

Which means I automatically
dislike all of you Callie’s out there.

Of course, this diagnosis was based on questions like "If you were a chicken
soup ingredient, which one would you be?" and "What kind of surgical
procedure are you?" so there may be some room for error there. But I’m happy to be Izzie — and
really glad I’m not a Meredith!

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