TV alert: Daisy makes it to the finale of Bravo’s “Shear Genius” tonight


A month and a half ago when Bravo’s latest designer reality show, Shear Genius, premiered, the series featured not one but two out lesbian contestants, Daisy and Tabatha. Tonight on the series finale, Daisy has made it into the final three, and she’s about to show us whether lesbians are every bit as good at cutting hair as (gay) men.

On tonight’s finale, Vidal Sassoon, the “godfather of hair” (as Bravo’s press release describes him — and hey, I might even agree with them), will join the judging panel to determine who is worthy of being deemed a “shear genius.” The three finalists, 40-year-old Anthony from England (who now lives in Manhattan Beach, Calif.), 32-year-old “rock and roll stylist” Ben, and 31-year-old Miami lesbian Daisy will face a three-tiered final challenge. They’ll have to design three styles that tell a story: the “Nancy Kwan bob,” a haircut made famous by Mr. Sassoon himself; a style using color; and a third design of their own creative choice.

Last week, Daisy won the elimination challenge. Here she is creating her winning look:

And here is the winning look itself:

Did she win because the hair was good or because she was smart enough to make her model look wet while wearing very little clothing?

In case you haven’t been keeping up with the series, go here to watch a preview of tonight’s show that will get you up to speed in no time. (Warning: Judge Rene Fris’ strange accent could either mesmerize you or slowly drive you insane.)

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