Paprika: Not your average spice girl


The anime film Paprika opens today in New York (it opens June 1 in Los Angeles and has screened at various film festivals worldwide).

It tells the story of Dr. Atsuko Chiba, "a genius scientist by day and a kick-ass dream warrior named Paprika by night." The description on Paprika’s MySpace page is quintessential anime:

My name is Dr. Atsuko Chiba. I’m an attractive but modest Japanese research psychotherapist. My work is on the cutting edge of my field. My alter ego is a stunning and fearless 18 year old “dream detective,” code named PAPRIKA, who can enter into people’s dreams and synchronize with their unconscious to help uncover the source of their anxiety or neurosis.

Once you stop giggling at "attractive but modest," it sounds interesting. And the reviews are positively glowing so far, calling it "enthralling," "electrifying" and "exhilarating" — and even a few things that don’t start with E.

Th trailer sure is pretty. And, really, who wouldn’t want a "stunning and fearless" alter ego? I suspect my alter ego would be more on the "stuttering and feckless" end of the spectrum. But in both waking life and in my dreams, I’m interested in any movie that appreciates the "power of cinema."

Visit the official site for a high-quality trailer and some stunning graphics. And if you’ve actually seen this film, give us your review in the comments!

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