Martina Navratilova is here to pump [handclap] you up


While you’re all busy compiling the list of hotties, I’m going to talk about Martina Navratilova‘s biceps.

Since my Dinah Shore workout consisted of doing push-ups before the White Party, I realized I probably needed to reassess my workout program heading into the swimsuit season. The hell if I’m getting in shape to go lie on some beach somewhere, but it does help, especially if you live near West Hollywood and have to compete with Alexandria Hedison and Jackie Warner for dates, to work out every now and then.

I know Martina has dated at least two hot supermodels, including Hunter Reno, so I thought I should pay attention when Martina wrote a book called Shape Your Self.

It’s kind of like a lesbian version of the ad that used to run on the backs of comic books. You know, the one with the little dude getting sand kicked in his face in front of the girl, and then he goes and works out, gets confidence, gets muscles and gets the girl?

On the surface, Shape Your Self just looks like your average Body for Life sort of book that tries to make getting in shape look easy, but it actually reads like a combination advice book and autobiography. You get six steps to getting in shape, plus recipes and other health-related info, but you also get an insight into Martina’s life, including stories about friends of hers like Katharine Hepburn. And you romantic types will love the letter Martina writes to her partner Toni on the inside cover. Now, if Martina would just write a book called How to Pick Up Supermodels When You Are Not a Millionaire Athlete, that would be super helpful.

You can read an excerpt of Shape Your Self on Martina’s website.

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