Katee Sackhoff kicks bionic butt


The last time I blogged about the new Bionic Woman, I was skeptical. Well, I still am. But this picture of Katee Sackhoff makes me want to tune in.

Wow. Hello! The only thing hotter than a kickass bionic woman is a kickass bionic, um, badass. The Los Angeles Times notes that Sackhoff’s role in the new series is not entirely clear:

… in the presentation of clips to advertisers and the press, her role seemed awfully important — as in, she announces she’s the first bionic woman, and then proceeds to try to beat the new “Bionic Woman” (Michelle Ryan) to a pulp. Is Sackhoff playing the show’s villain, or something more complicated?

I vote for complicated. That way she can beat her to a pulp, and then later kiss her until she’s dizzy.

Also, how glad am I that the MPAA’s anti-smoking frenzy apparently isn’t going to affect this show?

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