ABC chases skirts in its new fall lineup


Over the past couple of years, ABC has become the most-watched network among women ages 18-49, and the network that brought us Desperate Housewives isn’t about to give up its mantle this fall. ABC announced today that it has ordered seven new dramas, four new comedies and one new alternative series (an Oprah Winfrey feel-good philanthropy reality show) for the fall 2007 season, and nearly all of them aim to lure in female viewers. Here are the highlights:

Private Practice: The Grey’s Anatomy spinoff about Addison Montgomery’s (Kate Walsh) new life in Los Angeles after leaving McDreamy and McSteamy behind. Here’s a shot of the entire cast:

Pushing Daisies: This one-hour “blend of romance, crime procedural and high-concept fantasy” is about a man who can bring people to life (or kill them) with a touch. Word is that this is one of the best bets this fall, and it stars Kristin Chenoweth (Running With Scissors). Here she is seducing us all with a pie:

Women’s Murder Club: The series, based on James Patterson’s novels, is about four women in San Francisco (a detective, a district attorney, a medical examiner and a reporter) who work together to solve murder cases. Here’s a shot of the cast and go here to watch a video clip, which I found kinda fun:

Sam I Am: This half-hour comedy stars Christina Applegate as a woman who has lost her memory and realizes that she used to be a bitch. Hilarious hijinks (probably tinged with an appropriate dose of remorse) apparently ensue.

Miss/Guided: Taking a cue from Ugly Betty, Judy Greer stars as Rebecca Freely, a formerly unpopular student who returns to her high school as a guidance counselor. According to ABC’s press release, “Amidst student behavioral problems and the persistent romantic advances of the male nurse, Gary, Rebecca is certain of one thing – she is interested in the hot auto-shop-turned-Spanish-teacher, Tim. However, much as in high school days of unexpected teenage angst, Lisa, a former cheerleader and nemesis of Rebecca’s, returns as the new English teacher determined to make Rebecca relive her unpopular past, setting sights on Tim as well.” Here’s the cast of what sounds, to me, like a fun show (to premiere midseason):

Dirty Sexy Money: From the producers of Brothers & Sisters comes this show about an idealistic lawyer who takes over his late father’s suspicious practice, starring Peter Krause of Six Feet Under. Sounds like Dynasty to me. We’ll keep an eye out for sweeps lesbianism.

It also appears that ABC believes that women want to watch shows about men, because there are three of them: Cavemen, about those cave men of the Geico commercials as they attempt to adapt to life in the suburbs (seriously!); Big Shots, about corporate bigwigs; and Carpoolers, about a group of guys who, um, carpool to work together. Hey, at least they’re saving the environment while they bore us with male bonding.

Last but definitely not least, Darren Star‘s Cashmere Mafia is set to debut midseason, featuring network TV’s only (so far) lesbian/bi character, Caitlin Dowd (played by Bonnie Somerville). Go here to watch a video clip, and here’s one more photo of Somerville:

I’m already getting tired thinking about all the hours of TV I’ll have to watch this fall!

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