Bada bing! Cashmere Mafia’s lesbian story line


Now that ABC has officially picked up Cashmere
— a drama series about four successful 30-something
friends climbing the ladder in their respective careers, starring Lucy Liu,
Miranda Otto, Frances O’Connor
and Bonnie Somerville — we’re finally going
to get at least one lesbian/bi character on network TV next season. And I have
the lowdown for you!

First, a disclaimer: this info is based on the initial casting calls for the
pilot. Pilots often undergo re-writes, re-shoots and other changes along the
way to airing on your television set, so it’s very likely that some details
will change — names, dialogue, plot points. Whole story lines can
be dropped, even, although usually only the minor ones, unless the pilot is
completely re-done. It’s not very likely that the lesbian/bi character would suddenly become straight, for example. But Lucy Liu’s character Dylan was originally described
in the casting sides as having "blonde good looks." Obviously, that
didn’t happen.

So what follows is just how the pilot started out — where it ended up,
we’ll have to wait to find out. But it will at least give you an idea of the
basic characters involved, the sensibility of the show and what kind of tone
the writers are aiming for.

Now, on to the details!

Caitlin (Bonnie Somerville) is a cosmetics industry VP in her late 30s described
in the initial scripts as "a Boston Irish working girl transformed into
a saucily attractive Jil Sander suit." This is what she looks like:

In the pilot, Caitlin finds
herself inexplicably attracted to a woman she hires named Alicia, who is described
as "37, British, with a striking physical beauty made all the more appealing
by a disarmingly scattered, un-self-conscious air. Men want to be with her,
women want to be like her." (No word yet on who has been cast in this role.)

Caitlin finds herself flustered and nervous whenever she’s around Alicia, from
the very first time she interviews her, and working with her becomes increasingly

Caitlin eventually brings it up with her three best friends over lunch,
telling them, "It’s like someone waved a wand and the sun came out and
my libido made a surprise guest appearance, and I wanted to book a week in Paris
right then and there." But Caitlin can’t quite bring herself to tell her friends she’s
talking about a woman, so she lets them assume she has a crush on a male co-worker.

Finally, Caitlin asks Alicia to have dinner after work one night. The scene
below is what follows:

[begin script excerpt]


Music continues, over and under. Caitlin and Alicia walk out together, lit
up with drinks and laughing. Caitlin’s Jaguar is waiting at the curb.

Can I drop you?

I’m meeting my brother for dinner in Brooklyn.
I’ll just take a taxi…

A shy, charged shuffle; Caitlin takes her gently by the elbows and brushes
a kiss to both cheeks.

This was fun. Good night…

But as she steps back, Alicia catchers her eye with a challenging, mischievous,
unmistakably erotic look and Caitlin’s breath catches–

–and Alicia steps up and kisses her full on the mouth. And they melt together
in a shyly passionate little shuffle right there on the sidewalk–

–as Cilla Grey [an adversary] passes by on her way in, recognizing Caitlin
with a look of surprise, quickly turning away and disappearing inside, unnoticed
by Caitlin. The kiss ends.

(after a moment, breathless)
I should tell you. I’ve had a
terrible time with men. And no real
experience. With women. So I’m kind
of, you know. Flying without the
instruments here and–

Alicia silences her with another kiss.

And I should tell you that you’re
a wonderful kisser. I’m late, see you Monday…

And with a last peck, she runs off towards the avenue, hailing a cab. Caitlin
leans against the wall, closing her eyes, thrilled and scared all at once.

[end script excerpt]

What happens next remains to be seen. Will Alicia and Caitlin work out? Will
the friends’ arch-enemy Cilla use what she saw to blackmail Caitlin? Will Caitlin
watch re-runs of Work Out on Bravo and realize how stupid it is to
sleep with your employee? Stay tuned!

Here are some more photos of the Cashmere Mafia women to tide you


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