The aftermath: Reactions to Rosie’s decision to leave The View


The coverage of Rosie O’Donnell‘s big announcement is all over the map.

Here’s a sampling of the perspectives:

1. The New York Times offers a thorough account of Rosie’s time on The View, her contract negotiations, her feud with Trump, and her prospects — and is the only story I’ve seen so far that mentions Ro’s opportunity to return to Broadway in Les Misérables.

2. Fox News is taking two approaches: (1) a spin on Rosie’s “obscenity-laced rant” at the New York Women in Communications luncheon on Monday; and (2) the ever-popular “We told you so.” Oddly enough, the second story is surprisingly pro-Ro, mentioning her “huge charitable foundation” and “loving family.” What happened: Did Elisabeth Hasselbeck (called “questionable” in the story!) say something nasty about Hannity & Colmes?

3. Donald Trump (surprise, surprise) says he predicted the whole thing and that Rosie simply “self-destructed.” He also says Joy Behar has no talent, thus proving himself an even bigger idiot than we already knew him to be. Ramble on, Dump Truck: I think Joy’s too smart to take the bait.

4. USA Today focuses on Rosie’s future, claiming that she is considering reviving her “solo daytime gig.” I cannot think of a worse idea, unless she really does focus on issues this time rather than celebrities.

5. The Los Angeles Times also focuses on the future, speculating about what The View will do now that Rosie has left a “void.” Hiring Sherri Shepherd seems like a good first step.

6. On her blog and on The View today, Rosie expressed surprise at the amount of coverage: “There’s something seriously wrong with this picture.” She said she didn’t watch or read anything yesterday, preferring to do some crafts instead. Joy pointed out that Rosie doesn’t actually like all the media attention, which I guess might be the real key to her complex relationship with fame.

7. My subconscious is also ruminating about Rosie’s future. I had a dream that Rosie moved to Australia and opened a restaurant. That seems like a good gig for her, doesn’t it? On a related note, over the weekend I dreamed I was in Australia with Sigourney Weaver, laying pipeline to deliver water to the outback. I think I must be secretly planning some sort of lesbian-ish utopia in Oceania. I’ll be sure to invite Elizabeth Mitchell so we can be fruitful and multiply.

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