“The Killing” recap (3.6): Eminent Domain


When we last saw Danette Leeds, I thought for sure she was a goner. She had just discovered her daughter Kallie’s phone in Joe Mills’ possession, and he was looking mighty sinister standing there, wearing a towel in silhouette. She manages to slip away however and heads to the police station in search of Det. Linden. She is upset and all over the place, so the cop at the desk dismisses her as an ordinary drunk and tells her to sit down. Well, Danette is getting real goddamn tired of being told to sit down and shut up so she screams at the cop and is promptly arrested.

Linden and Holder are at the hospital attempting to question Angie, the young girl that escaped the clutches of the Pied Piper. She tells them that at first the man was nice. He asked her to get in the back, but didn’t want to have sex. He wanted to talk. He tells Angie he wants to save her, wants her to “finally see.” What she did see at that moment was that the back seat was covered with plastic, and before she knew it, he attacked her. Linden shows her a picture of Joe Mills in a lineup, but she doesn’t bat an eye.

Linden keeps pushing the picture at Angie, and after some protest, Angie tells them she remembers his eyes staring at her from the rear view mirror. None of the men in the line up have a familiar set of peepers, so Linden is forced to drop it. Angie laments that the man cut off her ring finger, and asks Holder if anyone will ever want to marry her now. Even though these girls live on the streets and sell their bodies to survive, sometimes we are reminded that they are indeed, just girls. Girls with dreams of marriage, and warmer climates, and the love of a certain person.

Linden is becoming that familiar shade of obsessed that she was on the Rosie Larson case, and I’m beginning to think she needs a timeout. Just as she and Holder are arguing about her methods, Riddick shows up to bust everyone’s chops and generally fill the show’s asshole quota. At least he has some information. The Vet Tech who was tending to Angie’s wounds swears he doesn’t know who brought Angie in, but the clinic sees its fair share of anonymous, off the books, drop offs. Linden gets a call that Danette is in custody and heads to the police station.

Linden has some serious projection issues with Danette. When she sees her, Linden becomes judgmental and aggressive. Linden struggles with her own feelings of failure as a mother. Her own son Jack ran away, in a manner of speaking. Thankfully it was to a happy home with his father, and not the streets of Seattle. Regardless, the resentment Linden feels towards Danette comes from a very personal place. Linden tells Danette she could have saved them and Kallie a lot of trouble if she’d have just told them about Joe Mills whereabouts before.

Danette, feeling guilty and wistful, tells a tender story about Kallie as a little girl. She was afraid of the water, and Danette would hold her and try to comfort her. One day, Kallie bravely walked right in the water all by herself. Danette wasn’t worried though because Kallie would always come back. This iss the first time she hasn’t and now Danette is terrified.

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