Morning Brew – Fri. June 28: Sharnee Zoll-Norman comes out, Pixar’s lesbian producers behind “Monsters University”


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Pixar producers Kori Rae and Darla K. Anderson are the married lesbian couple behind Monsters Inc. and its new sequel Monsters University. They talked with The San Francisco Gate about the DOMA news, where they found out about it in Japan. Here’s a cute story:

We got together (during) the last year of Monsters Inc. in 2001. I figured I’d have to leave the show, and I was willing to leave the company at that point. We had talked about it. But they were completely great. They said “Of course not. You’re such a great team, a producing team. We’d love for you to keep working together.” They were nothing but supportive, and have been the whole time. We’ve chosen since Monsters Inc. to not (work together). … I think it’s conscious that our paths have been a little bit separate. I think for the sanity of our relationship, it kind of works out that we don’t work on the same movie.

Also, Steve Jobs told them he wanted to be at their city hall wedding. Power lesbians!

Buffy fans, got 30 minutes? Then check out this behind-the-scenes video from the show’s stunt coordinator.

Number two on this list of “The 7 habits of highly effective lesbian families“: “Don’t hit them.” Good advice.

Queerty compiled a list of companies celebrating their pride this week. I love that Grey Poupon still exists and is participating.

Barbara Buono is running for governor of New Jersey and her daughter is a lesbian. Check out this video she made to take down Chris Christie.

WNBA star Sharnee Zoll-Norman has come out as a lesbian. The Chicago Sky player will be part of the Chicago Pride Parade this weekend. She has a wife, though, so don’t throw any bras at her. Sharnee told The Windy City Times:

I never felt whether I’m gay, straight, bi, [or] whatever that my sexuality had anything to do with me as a basketball player, and I don’t think it necessarily has anything to do with me as a person. If I was straight, I wouldn’t have to come out and say that I was straight. So I’ve never had an official coming-out, or something where I felt I had to announce that I was gay. But everyone knows. I wear my wedding ring proudly; I have matching tattoos with my wife, and also have her name tattooed on me. We go a lot of places [together] and I surely don’t hide it [that she’s my wife.]


National Center for Lesbian Rights’ executive director Kate Kendell talked with KQED about DOMA, Prop 8 and dropping the f bomb in San Francisco during a victory speech this week.

Because you should always know what your enemies are up to, ex-lesbian Janet Boynes wrote to her ex-gay followers that they should “keep hope alive” in the dark times that is this very gay week. I feel like she’s so sad. Probably rich and sad.

Comedian Cameron Esposito penned an essay about coming out to her dad and Dan Savage liked it.

Jeanette Winterson is going to rework some Shakespeare. This should be interesting, and hopefully very Sapphic.

Bisexual actress Olivia Thirlby has been cast in Courteney Cox‘s directorial debut, Hello I Must Be Going. Kate Walsh is also in the film. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

If you’ve been missing Sarah Paulson, you can see her new film The Time Being at the end of July. It’ll be on Video On Demand July 23 and in select theaters July 26.

Orange is the New Black hasn’t even premiered yet and Netflix has already renewed it for a second season. Woo!

AE reader Collette sent us this interview with Lost Girl‘s Rachel Skarsten. She talks about how cool she and Anna Silk think Zoie Palmer is.

Today in Lesbianish TV: *The Ellen DeGeneres Show, *America’s Next Top Model Cycle 17 marathon (Oxygen 6 a.m.), Vito (HBO 12 p.m.), The Talk (CBS 2 p.m.), The Out List (HBO2 2 p.m.), *Grey’s Anatomy (Lifetime 2 p.m.), *The Parkers (BET 2:30 p.m.), Fried Green Tomatoes (HBO2 3 p.m.), Radio 1’s Hackney Weekend 2012 (Palladia 3 p.m.), Under the Tuscan Sun (Starz Edge 3:10 p.m.), *Roseanne (Logo 5:30 p.m.), Jane Velez-Mitchell (HLN 7 p.m.), *Push Girls (Sundance 7 p.m.), Chasing Amy (TMC 7 p.m.), Best in Show (Starz Comedy 8 p.m.), *Friday Night Lights (ESPN Classic 8 p.m.), A Family Is a Family (HBO Family 8:30 p.m.), The Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC 9 p.m.), *Defiance (Syfy 11 p.m.), *True Blood (HBO2 11 p.m.), *Iron Chef America (Cooking Channel 11 p.m.), Wanda Sykes on The Tonight Show (NBC 11:35 p.m.), *Friends (Nick 12:06 a.m.) (Thanks Roni!)

*Denotes a rerun

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