“Push Girls” recap (2.05): “Tiphany’s Missing Sister (Part 2)”


After last week’s cliffhanger, we finally get to see Tiphany
track down her missing sister Katie. But first let’s head over to the
other Push Girls, shall we?

Auti and her husband Eric are once again fight about marriage
counseling. Eric finally concedes and agrees to sit down with a
therapist. Auti and Eric both cry about their pain, which seems to
stem from Auti’s past betrayal with another man. Auti apologizes over
and over, but at this point Eric is too hurt to forgive her. Only time
will tell if this couple will last.

In happier news Angela got her driver’s learners permit and she’s
eager to get behind the wheel. With a special tricked out minivan
Angela is able to navigate the automobile with her limited wrist
movement. Angela is giddy as she roams around the streets and even
knocks into a stationary trash barrel. p.s. That trashcan was totally
asking for it!

Mia doesn’t make an appearance in the episode nor does Tiphany’ s new
lady love Liz, but hopefully we’ll see both of them soon.

Speaking of our out Push Girl, Tiphany hired a private investigator to
find her sister who’s been missing for over a year. Katie, a mother of
two, has been using methamphetamine for 10 years. Tiphany desperately
wants to stage an intervention to save her but first she has to find
her. Tiphany and her cousin Lisa drive around the outskirts of a
drug-infested trailer park hoping to catch a glimpse of Katie. With no
luck, Lisa insists that Tiphany go back to her aunt’s house and wait
while she finds Katie alone. Tiphany, her aunt and stepmother wait by
the phone as Lisa tracks Katie down where she is cleaning rooms at a hotel.

Lisa pleads with Katie to leave with her immediately. Katie is
hesitant at first but she agrees to go after Lisa insists there is a
family emergency.

After a long woman-hunt, Katie arrives at her aunt’s house and is
greeted with hugs and tears from the whole family.

Katie, who is sporting a bandage on her face because of an alleged
fight with another woman, claims that for the past year she’s been
living in one of the rooms at the hotel. After the family gathers
together, Tiphany offers to get her sister into a rehab program in Los
Angeles. Katie accepts the help but she asks to stop back at her
storage unit and the hotel before she leaves town. Tiphany is hesitant
to give her the opportunity to change her mind. Katie is insistent
that, out of respect, she must go back say goodbye to the owner of the
hotel since he’s taken care of her for the last year. After some
pleading, Tiphany convinces Katie to head directly to rehab without
making any pit stops. As the ladies get ready to head out for Los
Angeles, Katie’s father shows up and hugs both of his daughters.

Then dad made this bleak declaration, “Katie needs to get healthy but
if I was a gambling man I wouldn’t put a lot of money on it. And I
pray to God I am wrong.”

Katie does right by her family and does in fact go into rehab. After
several days of detox, Katie is transferred to a live in treatment
center. Tiphany stops by the treatment center to check in on Katie, who
believes she’ll be out of rehab in no time. The manger at the
treatment centers says the good news is that Katie is willing and
eager to kick her drug habit unlike many patients.

Katie says she’s excited to get out of treatment after only 30 days to
which Tiphany responds, “Oh child, you are out of your mind! You are
going to be here for more than 30 days — you just don’t know it yet.”

What did you think of this episode? Would you bet money on Katie’s sobriety?

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