Watch Now! Clips from next week’s “The Fosters”


Now that hopefully you have all caught up with our favorite two-mom television family, ABC Family is rolling out four new clips from next week’s episode of The Fosters to help you ease your withdrawal symptoms during the rest of the week.

In this clip, Mariana continues her campaign for the title of Crappiest Kid Around. Thankfully, Callie says all the things we’ve been thinking all along.

Mariana, pretending that you are put out about the class of foster kids Stef and Lena are bringing into the house, makes you the worst. You’re the thief, remember?

Next up, Jesus likes a girl and it’s putting him in a good mood. Thankfully, Mariana is there to suck the joy out of everything.

Brandon takes this opportunity to complain to Talya about how he didn’t have time to do his skin regime this morning. He just wants some privacy, is that too much to ask?

Eww. So much for privacy. Making out like Ron and Lavender where an entire class can watch is gross and sort of the opposite of your whole privacy rant, Brando.

Finally we have some classic father-son bonding. Mike brings his artistic, and clearly athletically challenged, son to the batting cage. Mike, you need a little more time with Burt Hummel.

Oh, Mike, and we thought Brandon’s swing was going to be the worst part of this clip. You want Brandon to move in with you, huh? Stef’s gonna love this one.

Looks like they’ve got conflict coming out their ears over at the Fosters’ house. What do you think?

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