“Push Girls” recap (2.02): “Surprising News”


Congratulations to the cast of Push Girls for taking home last night’s Critics Choice Award for best reality series!

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Now on with the show! In last night’s Push Girls episode “Surprising News” Angela gets behind the wheel, Chelsie is desperate to walk and Tiphany and Liz play kissy face in the sand.

The show begins with Auti and Angela contorting themselves to get inside of a car. They laugh that it takes them 45 minutes just to head off to lunch.

Then we head over to Chelsie’s and her boyfriend Raymond, who makes this ignorant statement, “You don’t really see gorgeous people in wheelchairs.” What?!

Chelsie is determined to walk again. She practices standing one hour a day to gain strength. Raymond makes a tremendous discovery of the revolutionary ReWalk bionic suit. Here’s a video showing how the suit works.

Chelsie sets her sights on standing upright so she makes an appointment at the ReWalk office in Los Angeles. Once Chelsie arrives at the ReWalk hub she undergoes numerous tests and x-rays to see how severe her injures are. Sadly, Chelsie has osteoporosis on her right hip and osteopenia on her left hip, which means she can’t use the exoskeleton machine without running the risk of further injuring herself. To say Chelsie is disappointed is an understatement.

Now over to Angela who wants to take back her modeling career. Angela’s agent admits that maybe her clients are too scared hire someone in a wheelchair. But that doesn’t stop Angela who soon books a Toyota print ad marketing their new wheelchair accessible cars. (Looking good girl!)

Auntie was nice enough to drive Angela to her modeling job but Angela really wants to be able to drive on her own. Angela finds out that with all the new technology in the world she can drive herself with the help of a very tricked out mini-van.  As Angela takes the car for a spin around the parking lot she lights up.

Angela says, “When something is taken away from you and you wonder if you’re ever going to get that feeling back. Being behind that wheel [she tears up] I felt like it was back in my body again.”

Meanwhile our new couple Liz and Tiphany head to the beach to watch the sunset. Liz gives Tiphany a piggyback ride so they can sit and cuddle together on the sand.

Tiphany is mesmerize by all of Liz’s ink and Liz admits that she regrets a lot of her tattoos because she got them while she was drinking. (Liz, you’re not alone.)

Liz seems to be really smitten with Tiphany and says, “To be honest I don’t really think about her wheelchair because she’s so pretty. I don’t really think about a wheelchair being anything in the way of anything.”

When Liz asks for a kiss on the cheek Tiphany says, “No! Because I want a kiss on the lips.” Then the making out begins. (These two are really cute together.)

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