“R&B Divas” recap (2.6): Faith No More


Phew, was there a lot that went down in this week’s episode! Some good, some bad, some drama filled, some hopeful. I can’t believe there’s already been six episodes this season—it feels like we’re only getting started! But this episode also felt like a turning point of where things might be headed for the rest of the season.

We begin with everyone minus Syleena and Faith gathering at Monifah’s apartment, to help fill in Angie Stone and LaTocha about how “Divas Simply Singing” went down last week. When Angie hears about the divas coming on stage to support Nicci during her breakdown, she once again is moved by a “we can do this tour as sisters” spirit. She says, “I firmly believe women can work together.” Hallelujah.

We then move on to Syleena, who’s at a gym where she’s promoting a Mommy Boot Camp thing in support of new fitness projects she’s got going on, including a DVD called Mommy’s Got Soul. The event seems to go swimmingly, except for one awkward bit: Syleena doesn’t actually have the Mommy’s Got Soul DVDs to sell at the event (which would have helped her and Syleecia make bank) because they still haven’t received permission releases from Nicci Gilbert, who’s in the DVD. Wuh oh. But let me ask the most pressing question here: who is that fierce ass lesbian standing next to Syleena Johnson?

Making our way all around Atlanta, we now head to Keke Wyatt’s new house, which is huge and gorgeous, and which is currently hosting every single one of the divas. While the ladies take turns pouring champagne and holding some of Keke’s million babies, Faith drops a truth bomb on them all: she’s officially taking a step back from the divas. Traveling back and forth between LA and Atlanta and everywhere else is too much when she has teen boys at home, and she’s decided to spend more time with the fam. The divas feel the way we probably all feel: understanding, but sad. I can’t say this is surprising, as Faith was showing her lovely face less and less each episode, and I had heard rumors that she wouldn’t be involved in this season at all. So I’m glad we got to see what we did of her. And lord knows I’m still interested in watching the rest of the divas. But still: sad.

Angie Stone announces she’s ready to step in and take Faith’s place as the mother hen of the group. She says she knows she was brought in for a reason, and I know that probably was the producers’ (and Faith’s) idea. But I don’t know about that: I love me some Angie Stone, but Faith is such an important figure in bringing everyone together. It’s almost impossible for Faith to offend anyone, and everyone obviously reveres her in turn. Whereas, as we saw in that earlier disaster of an episode this season, the way Angie preaches doesn’t speak to everyone, and has a very high potential to create more drama, regardless of Angie’s good intentions. But we shall just have to wait and see.

Miss you boo.

Speaking of Angie, though, we also see a brief bonding session between LaTocha and herself, which I always enjoy, but which I especially enjoy this week because it takes place while riding Angie Stone’s ri-dic-u-lous motorcycle, which is painted hot pink and filled with her own face. It’s also some type of megabike with training wheels, but who cares, it looks hella fun anyway. Angie’s talked about divas being women who act first class, but I think what she really meant to say is that divas ride motorcycles with their face painted on the front.


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