Watch now! Before “SNL,” Kate McKinnon was a staffer at “Vag Magazine”


Back in 2010, we ran “Vag Magazine,” a fabulous web series which follows a group of NYC hipsters who launch a fictional third wave feminist magazine. Our reviewer Grace Chu wrote:

The series stars Kate McKinnon from LOGO’s The Big Gay Sketch Show as Bethany, one of the founders of Vag, whose ex-girlfriend Jaybird runs a rival feminist magazine, C–t. When your aggressive and bratty ex runs a competing magazine, things cannot and do not go well. The absurd antics of the scatterbrained editorial board and clueless staff only feed the mayhem. (One editor, Fennel, decides that feminine hygiene products are creations of the patriarchy and opts to sit on a bucket during “that time of the month” instead – even at staff meetings.)

In case you missed it the first time around, or weren’t aware of the genius of Kate McKinnon, we’ve got all of the episodes for you right here. Enjoy!

In the first episode, “Fumbling Toward Ecstasy,” founders Sylvie, Fennel,and Bethany lay out their editorial vision for Vag shortly after buying out fashion magazine Gemma with the proceeds from their Etsy shop. Staffers Heavy Flo and Reba are on board, but lone Gemma holdover Meghan is skeptical.


In the second episode, Bethany meets with menstrual cup company The Keeper about sponsoring the first issue of Vag. Meanwhile, enthusiastic intern Kit learns the ropes and Meghan tries to pitch a skirt story.


In the third episode of Vag Magazine, Bethany, Sylvie, and Fennel interview Amaryllis Cross, the lead singer of indie girl pop sensation Forever Avonlea. Plus, Fennel reveals her strategy for coping with menstruation.


In episode four, the Vag staff is shocked to learn that cover celebrity Amaryllis Cross is also slated to appear on the cover of rival third-wave feminist magazine C–t. Jaybird, the editor of C–t and Bethany’s ex-girlfriend, comes to the Vag offices to sort things out.

This episode contains some NSFW language.


In the fifth episode, Sylvie and Fennel try their hands at modeling, Bethany mulls dating, and the Vag cover is revealed.

This episode contains some NSFW language.


In the series finale, tensions run high between Fennel, Sylvie, and Bethany at the Vag launch party and Jaybird makes Meghan an offer.

This episode contains some NSFW language.


Check out for more information on the series.

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