Kristen Wiig loves spaghetti and Scarlett Johansson


Last night I watched the most recent episode of Saturday Night Live, hosted by Scarlett Johansson. Whether or not you think Scarlett is beautiful (I do! Pick me!), it’s hard to deny that she has serious talent — she made even the unfunny sketches seem tolerable. And I loved the pop art-y interstitials.

Everyone’s raving about the “Mike’s Marbleopolis” sketch, but my favorite was the weird “local hero” interview with Kristen Wiig‘s roving reporter character, Michelle Dison. I love Kristen Wiig generally — she’s way underappreciated — and this character is another great one. Her awkward flirting with Scarlett is both embarrassing and hilarious. “You know what else is incredible, uh, and incredibly close to here, where we could go after this? Is the Old Spaghetti Factory. So that’s where we could go. After this. Together.”

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