Celesbian edition of #TBT


If you’re confused by #TBT on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, allow me to clear things up! The hashtag means Throwback Thursday, which means people posting photos from yesteryear. It seems like some celesbians aren’t participating in this trending topic, so we decided to help them out. All captions are fictional, but the photos are very real.

Billie Jean King: “After I beat my doubles partner, Rosie Casals, in 1971. LOL!”

Cynthia Nixon: “Fiercing it up at the ‘Sex and the City’ premiere.

Ellen Degeneres: “Me and my ex hugging Michelle Williams with our legs in friendship.”

Evan Rachel Wood: “Michelle Tractenberg and I will call you maybe.”

Meredith Baxter: “Posing naturally for a “Family Ties” shoot.”

Sara Gilbert: “Hanging out with my big sis!”

Jackie Warner: “My old business partner and me before we had reality shows.”

Jane Lynch: “Doing my best Carol Brady.”

Jasika Nicole: “OMG, dancing with a Top Model.”

Leisha Hailey: “Me and k.d. in ’93, when I was ‘Constantly Craving’ her.”

Portia de Rossi: “Back when I didn’t know Sarah Michelle Gellar was a Republican who ate meat.”

Megan Rapinoe: “RIP ponytail.”

Rosie O’Donnell: “Martina stole my look.”

Wanda Sykes: “Two lesbian comedians walk into a premiere… Only one was a lesbian at the time.”

Tammy Lynn Michaels: “Channeling my animal instincts.”

Tegan and Sara: “Our first time at Coachella. There’s so much going on, we don’t know where to look.”

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