Mary Stuart and Kristen Stewart: Two lesbian icons for the price of one


What ever happened to Mary Stuart Masterson? I first adored her when she donned those fingerless gloves in Some Kind of Wonderful (all the better to spin those drumsticks with). I know Watts supposedly wanted Keith (Eric Stoltz) in that film, but I still can’t believe she didn’t end up with Amanda (Lea Thompson).

And then I couldn’t help but swoon when she courted Mary-Louise Parker in Fried Green Tomatoes. Such a bee charmer.

(I’m still bitter about the fact that Idgie and Ruth aren’t explicitly a couple in the movie, the way they are in the book. So unfair.)

But then Mary Stuart seemed to disappear — behind the camera, as it turns out. AfterEllen commenter extraordinaire Jennifer from Pittsburgh pointed out that Masterson’s film The Cake Eaters screens at the Tribeca Film Festival this week. And — bonus! — it stars Kristen Stewart, who was recently seen in Panic Room with Jodie Foster, and who has also been getting some attention in the AfterEllen forums.

Here’s Kristen Stewart in Panic Room:

And here she is in In the Land of Women, which hit theaters this past weekend:

Pay attention, Kristen — Ms. Masterson can teach you a lot about charming the ladies. I mean, about the movie biz.

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