TeamMate’s “Girls With Boys’ Names” is a story of boy meets girl who likes girls


The musical duo TeamMate have a new song called “Girls With Boys’ Names” and it’s all about singer/keyboardist Scott Simons‘ penchant for falling for lesbians — including his bandmate/ex-girlfriend drummer Dani Buncher. Dani is now an out lesbian, which makes this song funny but also kind of sad. Hopefully performing the song is therapeutic for Scott!

“A lot of the songs that we’re writing look at our story from different angles – the break up, the moving on, the reminiscing of better times,” Scott said. “Some are upbeat and fun and some are more serious. ‘Girls With Boys’ Names’ was sort of a chance to poke fun at myself as a guy who keeps obliviously falling for lesbians. Basically the song is a poke at myself and our story. A vague lyric about a guy who keeps falling for lesbians but under the guise of a catchy title.”

It’s catchy, right? And maybe you have the same problem of falling for a girl who is just not that into you. TeamMate also sells T-shirts with the song’s title.

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