The Huddle: Big Dreams for 2013


Every year we resolve to do some things, and some times, we actually follow through. It helps, sometimes, to tell someone else or write it down on paper (or, you know, virtually) so that you feel more accountable. That’s why this year, we’re asking: What’s your resolution for 2013? Bonus points if you tell us how you did on last year’s.

Grace Chu: My resolution this year is to get my photos published in print. Also, I’m going to figure out just how Facebook knows to consistently put all my exes and people I’ve had a falling out with into the rotation of top six friends, even though I don’t visit their pages or talk to
them. I’m going to unearth the evil Facebook elves and make them watch the first season of The Real L Word on repeat until they fix the algorithm.

Erika Star: Last year I set the goal of my attempting stand-up comedy in 2012, and while I wasn’t able to get my flop-sweating self on a stage, I did take a number of comedy writing classes and attended more shows. This year I plan to concentrate more on the process, whether it be my writing more, finishing my graduate school application, getting myself published or actually getting on a stage in a Moth-like setting, I hope to spend more time appreciating, sharing and caring. All of that, and I hope to post more regularly to my dog’s Tumblr as her resolution is internet fame. Bring on 2013.

Dara Nai: My resolution for 2013 is to sell my guitar, gym membership, foreign language program, Chantix prescription, juicer, skydiving tickets, grad school application, and copy of The Complete Works of Shakespeare. I need to make room for the yoga mat I just ordered.

Emily Donofrio The fact that I don’t remember if/what I resolved to do last year makes my resolution to not have a resolution all the sweeter. Whatever, positive changes!

Elaine Atwell: My resolution last year was to take steps towards no longer being a waitress. And even though I still bring people food for money, I also write for my favorite website and have published my first book. So I’d say it was a success. This year i think my resolution is to make/save some money rather than spending it all on shiny objects and whiskey.

Lucy Hallowell: Last year my resolution was to write a complete book, with a beginning, middle, and end. I did that. This year my resolution is to find someone who wants to publish the damn thing.

Jill Guccini: My list of resolutions this year is exceedingly boring, and often painfully stereotypical: rejoin that old gym, stop eating so much Taco Bell, call my mom and dad more, be more on top of my email, not overdraft my bank account too many times, plant lots of seeds while I still have a garden, go to the movies more, journal, try to teach myself Spanish for the zillionth time. Yet I’ve been thinking about this list for weeks and am so pumped about it all. It means a lot to be in a place where you can just worry about the boring stuff, focus on just being okay. And I’m so very grateful.

Ali Davis: I’m going to finish (and find a way to produce) my first full-length play in 2013: a girls-who-like girls romantic comedy with eight strong female roles. And, yes, plenty of girls kissing.

Heather Hogan: I’m going to publish a novel in 2013.

Dana Piccoli: Last year my resolution was to stop letting fear of failure get in the way of pursuing my dreams. Thankfully I did achieve it! 2012 has been an amazing year for me and I am beyond grateful. My resolution for 2013 is to carve out time everyday to create. (Also, learn to make balloon animals)

Karman Kregloe: While I don’t usually make official New Year’s resolutions, I do like the idea of putting in writing my commitment to self-improvement. Doing it in a public forum rather than just in a journal makes the whole endeavor a little more interesting! In 2013, I intend to: stick to my new practice of meditating for 20 minutes twice per day, call more and text less, practice guitar every day, play at least one solo music show, and make more eye contact and real connections with the other humans on this planet every chance I get.

Punky Starshine: Warning: Extra Cheesiness Ahead. After too many years in a row of making resolutions I never kept, I stopped making them. I’m not a huge fan of setting myself up for failure. Randomly enough, I was inspired by a Jimmy Buffet/Martina McBride song that stated simply, “Yes, I’ll make a resolution that I’ll never make another one. Just enjoy this ride on my trip around the sun.” So now that’s all I do: I just resolve to enjoy the year. And ever since, I’ve had the best years of my life. (End Cheesefest 2012.)

Trish Bendix: Last year I resolved to watch the entire series of Six Feet Under and that was accomplished. This year I resolve to finish my book proposal and continue to work on my dream project. And my continual resolution, to keep my mental and physical health priorities. Also maybe I’ll marathon Downton Abbey.

What’s your New Year’s Resolution?

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