2012: The Year in Lesbian/Bi Music

The Best in Music Videos

Lissy Trullie self-titled second album picked up where Self-Taught Learner left off. The out New York rock and roll singer put out one of the best but most slept-on songs of the year, “Madeline.” Lissy’s friend, actress Chloe Sevingy starred in her music video for “It’s Only You, Isn’t it?” which is also a must-watch for 2012.

In music videos, Lana del Ray released “Summertime Sadness,” starring friend and actress Jaime King in a role that likened the women to lovers with a Thelma & Louise theme.

Brooklyn duo Chairlift created a choose-your-own-adventure video for “Met Before,” in which viewers could select a girl who has her heart pine for another woman.

Although their new album won’t come out until January 29, 2013, Tegan and Sara crept in at the end of the year with their single “Closer” from the upcoming Hearthrob. The video follows the out twins through a house party where there is karaoke, spin the bottle and all kinds of couples having a good time to a sexy synth-laced song.

Looking Forward to Future Listening

In 2013, we can expect Tegan and Sara’s album to make a strong impact, though it has a significantly different sound that will ask fans to grow with them. Mount Moriah‘s Miracle Temple will have a strong queer theme as its based on singer Heather McIntyre‘s process of coming out to her mother. Melissa Ferrick will release her 17th album in May. New York DJ duo CREEP have announced they will release five singles as well as their debut LP in 2013. Uh Huh Her, who put out an acoustic EP of previously released songs in 2012, said their next offering will be a “dance album.”

Azealia Banks, who identifies as bisexual, will release her highly-anticipated Broke with Expensive Taste on February 12 with Lady Gaga‘s ARTPOP following close behind with a date yet to be decided.

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