The Weekly Geek: The Best of Geeky Media in 2012


2012 was certainly one heck of a year for geeks (and geek media makers, for that matter). Sci-fi, comic book-inspired, horror and generally dorky films reigned supreme (and hey, many of them were even good!), it was a great year for indie videogames (the dorkiest kind), and lest we forget, there’s even been a new Battlestar Galactica web series. Rejoice!

Taking a page from former AE editor Malinda Lo and her favorite things of 2012, here’s my list of favorite geek media this year.

Fez – A quirky indie game that looked, at first glance, like a foray into 8-bit “retro” land with a twist, this title ended up being a masterfully designed puzzle box, complete with its own symbolic language. It was the kind of experience that truly rewarded anyone who took the trip all the way down the rabbit hole, and I can’t remember a game engrossing me this much since I was a child.


Prometheus – Sure, I09 put this divisive epic on its “most disappointing” list, and I can’t fault them for, well, finding fault with some of the film’s inconsistencies and plot holes. But I can’t help it. No other movie in 2012 had this kind of vision. It still astounds me that a movie with this kind of budget and blockbuster status was bold enough to ask “big picture” sci-fi questions (you know, like “why are we here?” and “what is the nature of creation”) here in our vapid, dumbass modern era. It also contained both Charlize Theron and Noomi Rapace.


The Walking Dead – Telltale Games seriously nailed it with their five-part adaptation of the comic/TV series. The oppressive atmosphere, split-second decision-making, and fleshed-out characters made for one of the most gripping game experiences of 2012. I can’t wait to see what this studio does next.

Cabin In The Woods – I still can’t shake how clever, fun, and purely entertaining this flick was. While I certainly enjoyed Joss Whedon’s other movie this summer (a little number by the name of The Avengers), this was the pick of the litter for me.


Mass Effect 3 – While it was far from perfect, the most LGBT-inclusive blockbuster game of all time (you heard me) proved a fitting end to the fan-freaking-tastic trilogy chronicling Commander Shepard’s adventures in the universe.

Some honorable mentions: The Hunger Games (even my fantasy-averse dad liked it, that’s saying something), Resonance and Wreck-It Ralph.

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