LISTEN: Erin McKeown’s “Santa is an Asshole”


Erin McKeown released her anti-holiday album F*ck That last year, but she’s given us an exclusive song to put up to entice you to purchase it this Christmas for a good cause. Twenty precent of proceeds from the album that come between now and New Year’s will be donated to Occupy Sandy, an organization aiding relief efforts in New York and New Jersey.

Photo by Merri Cyr/Getty

“Here’s your chance to be a responsible scrooge and give to a very important cause,” Erin says. So take a listen to “Santa is an Asshole” and buy F*ck That for an easy 10 bucks.

If you want more from Erin McKeown, you won’t have to wait long: Her new non-holiday album MANIFESTRA is coming out on January 15 from TVP Records.

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