Morning Brew – Wed. Nov. 28: Stephanie Miller apologizes for saying Salvation Army isn’t anti-gay, Sam Ronson will DJ Dalloway Opening


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Meshell Ndegeocello spoke with NPR about her Nina Simone tribute album. She says she specifically chose songs Nina wrote herself because she wants people to know Nina’s story. If you like Meshell or Nina, you’ll love Pour Une Âme Souveraine.

A lesbian that was savagely beaten by her girlfriend’s brother on Thanksgiving is saying that it was not a hate crime. Her own family begs to differ, which makes this a complicated case. At any rate, here’s hoping Mallory Owens is able to recover and get justice for the terrible violence she endured, no matter the reason.

Yesterday on The Stephanie Miller Show, lesbian host Stephanie Miller said the Salvation Army wasn’t anti-gay. Now she’s apologizing because, she admits, she didn’t do her research.

Young and Wild is available in select theaters and on Video on Demand this Friday. Check out the sexy trailer.

Kim Stolz and Amanda Leigh Dunn spoke with Interview magazine about The Dalloway and how they came together to open the restaurant. Stolz told the magazine:

It seems that the primary focus of a lot of LGBT, and especially lesbian, places in the city is drinking and hooking up. And I wanted to create somewhere, and Amanda wanted to create somewhere, where that wasn’t the primary focus—yes, it can be at times, but we also want people to socialize and have a community, and we want the lesbians to feel like they have a home base. Yes, we also want everybody else to come—we have people who are from the straight community who love it, we have people who are my friends who are in banking who love to come here. It’s such a diverse crowd, and it serves so many needs.

I also learned they have a lesbian chef that is 24-years-old and their official opening will have music by Samantha Ronson.

A lesbian soldier named Charlie Morgan is trying to help get DOMA repealed by asking the supreme court to have the discriminatory law die before she does. I hope she gets her wish.

If you are blanking on a gift for someone special this year, Jane Lynch loves the CBTL Kaldi Machine, which makes “espresso, brewed coffee, tea and specialty beverages with the press of a button.” I like all of those things, so feel free to buy one for me, too.

Tegan and Sara talked with W about naming their upcoming album Heartthrob:

SARA: Maybe it’s a loose comment on the culture we’re a part of musically and socially, this idea that we project this status as people on stage, and the audience is there to objectify us and then the irony is that I don’t feel that way at all, so to be the object is very uncomfortable for us. We both struggle with that idea and that’s reflected in our personal lives where we always cast ourselves in this role of the people that were always rejected and we’re the ones that are always in pursuit of this unattainable thing and that’s The Con and Sainthood. It’s funny because we write songs about being losers but we’re the ones on stage in a very powerful, sought after position and yet we diminish ourselves so much in our personal lives. It’s interesting.

What has Naya Rivera been in other than Glee? Find out if you don’t already know.

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