Afternoon Delight: Rachel Maddow makes comic debut, Brad Pitt speaks out (again) for marriage equality


Good afternoon my lovelies!

Happy birthday to Alison Pill, Kathryn Bigelow, Robin Givens and Jennifer O’Dell!

Academy award-winning director Kathryn Bigelow posing with Jodie Foster in New York City. (On a side note, those two would make an adorable lesbian power couple, am I right?)

Photo by Andy Kropa/Getty Images

VH1’s biopic about the hip hop/R&B group TLC will begin shooting in early 2013. The remaining members of the band, Chilli and T-Boz, have signed on to be executive producers and consultants on the film. I wonder who they’ll cast as Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes?

Beyonce is taking her skillz behind the camera. The award-winning superstar is directing her own HBO documentary, scheduled to air February 16, 2013.

Marion Cotillard looks like she’s in The Cell while gracing the cover of W magazine.

Meanwhile, Tyra Banks is working her fierce magic on the cover of West East magazine.

Click here to see Jennifer Lawrence in a wetsuit on the set of Catching Fire. You’re welcome.

Congratulations to Rachel Maddow for making her Doonesbury comic debut!

Writer Scott Terry wrote an interesting piece for The Huffington Post entitled “Gay Man Seeks Straight Wife (But a Lesbian Wife Will Do).”

Tonight tune into NBC’s Go On to see guest star Olympic beach volleyball champ Misty May-Treanor bump, set, spike.

Check out this adorable Twitter pic from Tegan and Sara.

Tonight at 8 p.m. Erin Foley and Jackie Monahan will be taking the stage at Akbar in Silverlake, CA.

Video of the Day!

Brad Pitt is once again speaking out for marriage equality. Pitt told MTV News, “Equality, absolutely, that’s what defines us. It’s what makes us great. If it doesn’t sit well with your religion, let your God sort it out in the end, but that’s us. We’re equal.”


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