Seriously Sexy: Kristen Stewart


Hi and welcome to AfterEllen’s new series Seriously Sexy, where we list your favorite stars’ hottest moments for your viewing pleasure. Today’s celebrity is Kristen Stewart, who I know people tend to be pretty fiercely divided about. There have been rumors swirling about her sexuality for years, which have recently been overshadowed by some damaging photographs I’m sure you’ve all seen. I hope we can all remember that nobody is perfect, and a lot of Hollywood relationships aren’t exactly what they seem. Either way, even when KStew is wrong, she is so, so right.

To start off, let’s accrue some goodwill the old fashioned way, with leather pants.


In The Runaways, Stewart portrayed legendary badass and out rocker Joan Jett. She even made out with Dakota Fanning, which was hot but made everyone who still thinks of Fanning as the little girl from I Am Sam feel very, very strange.

Next up: if there’s one thing hotter than a girl with a guitar, it’s a girl with a sword.

With a glower like that, who needs smiles?

While the filming of Snow White and The Huntsman was the start of Kristen’s now-infamous indiscretion, we can all agree that there aren’t enough movies about women in armor.

In her real life exploits, Kristen does the sexiest thing a celebrity can do, and gives back. Her pet cause is the ending of human trafficking and the exploitation of all sex workers, which is as noble as it gets. Also, check out the shoes she donated to Shoe Revolt. If there is one thing that unites us as queer women, it is practical shoes.

Speaking of some gayness, check out Kristen in last year’s Elle photoshoot, where she seems to be coming on to herself. If I looked like that, I would be all up on my alter-ego too.

Anyone else think she looks more comfortable as a butch?

If you want more Kristen, her new film, On The Road, gives you the whole she-bang. As in full-frontal. Just remember, she’s 22 now, so it’s OK to be excited about that. The internet is already full of NSFW photos of her topless scenes, but here’s a little taster.

On the count of three, everyone turn around except two of you.

See, you’re feeling fonder towards her already, aren’t you?

Now, while I am loath to add to the speculation regarding anyone’s sexuality, I would be remiss in my duties if I didn’t leave you with a few parting shots of Stewart and her Twilight costar Nikki Reed.

This could be totally platonic. (Photo by George Pimentel/Getty)

Aw f–k it, draw your own conclusions. (Photo by Charles Eshelman/Getty)

Let us know in the comments section which star you’d like us to ogle discuss next.

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