Tori Amos’ Big Wheel keeps on turning


Tori Amos, that ethereal piano goddess with the flowing vermilion locks, has released the first video from her upcoming album American Doll Posse.

Shot in staccato stop-action photo style, the clip for “Big Wheel” introduces Tori’s new multiple-personality posse: Santa, Clyde, Isabel, Tori and Pip.

After repeated viewing, I give a thumbs up to the song and a mild thumbs down to the video. While cute at first, it smacks of a faux YouTube amateurism that — quite frankly — I can do without. Plus, half the thrill of Tori is the thrill of watching her tango with that baby grand. During the song’s provocative break, instead of using a head-scratching array of subliminal flash cards (Seriously, cars, flowers, doughnuts, pigs, tanks, dogs? What are you trying to tell us, Tori? What?), how about finally letting us see that self-proclaimed M.I.L.F. move to the music?

Though, on the plus side, all you baby mommas out there now officially have a new slogan to proudly display on bumper stickers: “I am a M.I.L.F, don’t you forget.” Duly noted. Trust me, I couldn’t forget now even if I wanted to.

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