Morning Brew – Fri. June 29: Anna Paquin covers “Redbook,” Diana King comes out



On the next episode of True Blood, Pam wants “bygones to be bygones” and “bi girls to be bi girls.” Hilarious.

The show’s star Anna Paquin looks gorgeous on the cover of Redbook this month.

Slate’s June Thomas wrote about the change in gay programming on TV. It turns out we don’t just watch explicitly gay things. We also enjoy Buffy, Rizzoli & Isles and the like.

Amanda Palmer is working on a comic book. I’m sure it’ll be worth reading!

Brandi Carlile has been everywhere lately, and we love it. She was on The Late Late Show last night and also stopped by The Current for a performance of “That Wasn’t Me” and “Promise to Keep.”

Allison Miller sometimes tours with Brandi as her drummer but this summer she’s out with her own band, Boom Tic Boom. Here’s her recent Tiny Desk Concert for NPR.

Meghan McCain says she is “not impressed” by the President’s stance on marriage equality. Well I’m not impressed with the other options for President in the next year, so I can only surmise she will join GoProud in voting for an anti-gay candidate. Shudder.

Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty

Kelsey from The Real L Word writes poetry. You’re welcome.

Congrats to Jamaican singer Diana King for coming out! The performer went on Facebook to tell her fans her truth, writing:

HONESTLY SPEAKING, I have always been AFRAID to admit it openly, because of the UNKNOWN of what it may cause negatively, to me my career my family and loved ones. But I realized that it is not my job to make others COMFORTABLE, I AM ONLY RESPONSIBLE FOR MY LIFE, the stuff U think about on your deathbed and at this point in my life I DO NOT CARE about the things that FRIGHTEN me anymore. My biggest regret is that I didn’t COME OUT earlier because being silent has held me back from being ALL that I was born to be.

Photo from Facebook

So happy to have you feeling comfortable and unafraid, Diana. We welcome you, even if Jamaica does not.

Today in Lesbianish TV: *The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Talking Liberally with Stephanie Miller (Current 9 a.m.), *Grey’s Anatomy (Lifetime 1 p.m.), The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS 1:30 p.m.), The Kids Are All Right (5 MAX 1:30 p.m.), The Talk (CBS 2 p.m.), Secrets of a Restaurant Chef (Food Network 2 p.m.), The Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC 9 p.m.), *Degrassi (TeenNick 9:30 p.m.), *The Real L Word (Showcase 11 p.m.) and No Look Pass (Showtime2 12:15 a.m.) (Thanks Roni!)

*Denots rerun

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