“MADE: Dream Bigger” helps a young lesbian become a roller derby star


Roller derby has made a huge resurgence in the U.S. over the past five years and gay women are both a large part of the teams and the fanbase. Derby girls have a reputation for being tough because they have to be. Not only do they have to sustain blocks and hits from players, but they have to mentally prepare to outsmart the competition. The latter might just be the most difficult thing to learn, as 20-year-old Aly Mustain learns tonight on MTV’s new episode of MADE: Dream Bigger.

Aly works at Starbucks and lives with mom, who she used to be close with. She recently dropped out of college, though, and her mom isn’t too thrilled about it. Other things her mom isn’t thrilled about: Aly’s tattoos, the fact Aly won’t end up with a guy, and her new hobby, roller derby. Here’s a clip from tonight’s episode of MADE: Dream Bigger.

Watch the episode today at 4 p.m./3 p.m. CT and check back tomorrow for our interview with Aly.

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