Barbie is a late-in-life lesbian, and other scenarios


Need a good laugh to get you to the weekend? Of course you do. Hey, there’s Barbie; let’s see what she’s been up to.

Photos by Dina Goldstein

Uh-oh. Looks like all those little girls who fantasize about growing up to be just like Barbie, married to Ken and living in a Malibu dream house might want to reconsider.

Dina Goldstein, the Vancouver photographer responsible for Fallen Princesses, has a new series, In the Doll House, which imagines a not so dreamy world for “B” and “K.” (If you happen to be an attorney for Mattel, I’m sure that any resemblance to Barbie and Ken is strictly coincidental.)

Like Fallen Princesses, which gives us an idea of what might have happened to the Disney women post “happily ever after,” In the Dollhouse has a dark side to its humor as B faces the fact that K’s dreams are a little too close to hers.

Goldstein found the right B and K in actor/models Reghan Blake and Nathaniel Campbell. She then set about finding a workable location on a very tight budget. A mostly volunteer staff helped build the set, which has so much whimsical detail that you have to watch the behind-the-scenes video to appreciate it.

For even more detail, check out the slideshow of candid pictures from the photo shoot.

My favorite photo is the one right after B walks in on K in the bedroom with an unnamed GWM. B does what many of us did to our own dolls when we realized that we’d rather play Barbie & Skipper than Barbie & Ken.

You go, B. We’ll see you at the Pride Parade.

Check out the whole slide show at Goldstein’s site. Then come on back and tell us some of the scenarios little you set up with Barbie. (Not that one – we all did that.) Any ideas for Goldstein’s next stereotype smasher?

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