Afternoon Delight: Kristen Stewart makes bank, Winona Ryder gets claymated


Good afternoon and happy humpy day! (Why does that never get old for me?)

Happy birthday to Nicole Kidman, Grace Potter, Olympia Dukakis and Dreama Walker!

Photo by Shahar Azran/Getty

Forbes highest paid actress list ranks Kristen Stewart in the number one spot. Stewart and her bank account beat out Charlize Theron, Angelina Jolie and every other actress is in the entire world! (Dear Kristen, Can I borrow five bucks? Love, Bridget.)

The claymation Winona Ryder looks exactly like the real-life Winona Ryder in Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie. (Well, I guess that’s the point.)

Pink took to Twitter to announce her new album and new single “Blow Me (One Last Kiss).” Thank goodness for those parentheses.

Emma Stone looked like the Black Dahlia at the Paris film premiere of The Amazing Spider-Man.

Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

E! posted this headline on its front page: “Adele Song Brings 7-Year-Old Girl Out of Coma.” I obviously felt compelled to share it with you all. (Adele M.D. does take most medical insurances but she has a six-month wait list.)

Amanda Seyfried is the face of a $13,000 moisturizer. OK, seriously, who buys a $13,000 bottle of lotion?

US Magazine nabbed a behind-the-scenes photo of Angelina Jolie in her full Maleficent garb.

Yesterday we posted the Twilight Breaking Dawn: Part 2 teaser trailer but today the studio released the film’s official trailer. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

If you’re interested in looking at photos of pregnant bisexual actress Anna Paquin while she eats ice cream, then you’re prayers have been answered. (The big question is, what flavor of ice cream?)

Tweet of the day!

Yesterday Cat Cora made the rounds on television by appearing on Live with Kelly and Chelsea Lately.

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