The Huddle: Fictional places we want to live


Have you ever wanted to live somewhere else? Of course you have. Everyone has a little bit of wanderlust in them, whether you acted on it or not. But sometimes the magical place you’d like to live just doesn’t exist. Like the Land of Oz or Wonderland, perhaps. Still, it doesn’t stop you from having an imagination or the longing.

Team, what fictional place would you love to live?

The Linster: I would live in Pawnee, Indiana. In fact, I would apply for a job as daytime security monitor for the Pawnee government so I could literally watch these people all day long.

Grace Chu: I’d like to live SyFy’s reimagined Battlestar Galactica because of its endless supply of whisky and cigars. Also, all the women are
incredibly attractive and fit, and they are dressed like they walked
out of a post-apocalyptic runway show. Finally, since half of the
ladies are cylons, if you accidentally press a button and launch one
out of a transport shaft into outer space, there are many, many others
who are her clones, which is incredibly convenient.

Bridget McManus: I want to live in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, minus the staff of Oompa-Loompas because they scare the sh-t out of me.

Emily Hartl: I had to think on this one, but I bet it would be really great to reside in Mount Rose, Minnesota. It’s the land of the oldest living Lutheran (oh wait, she’s dead as a door nail, but the Shriners won’t take down the sign). I’d like Amber to bring me smokes and to be friends with Loretta.

Green Gables is obviously the ultimate, but since it’s a real place in Nova Scotia, I don’t think it counts.

Lindsey Byrnes: I would live in Themyscira, the island that Wonder Woman is from! I’d like to live there during pre-crisis times. I also think I’d like to be bi-worldly splitting my time between there and where I live now.

Lucy Hallowell: I would live in whatever the town is named where Some Kind of Wonderful was based (I read the whole internet trying to find a name, if someone knows please put me out of my misery and let me know). In this magical world I am in high school and I get to hang out with Watts.

OK, let’s be honest, I would never have hung out with her. I would have been as mesmerized and terrified of her in real life as I was of her on screen. She would make my palms all sweaty and my heart try to escape through my sternum and I would both try to avoid her and secretly find ways to run into her because of all the feelings. I would think her Mini was super cool (even if it never ran right). I would both be dying for her to talk to me and afraid that I would blurt out that I loved her and wanted to make out with her in the garage or watch her play drums or something. Wait, if this is a fictional world can I be cool? I want that too.

Ali Davis: Well, today I passed by a store called World of Nuts and Ice Cream. Two out of the four possible interpretations of that sound pretty fun. But the other two, less so. And Narnia and Middle Earth both have things that scared the bejesus out of me as a child.

I think I’ll go with the universe in Lost Girl. It’s fun, and I might end up with some cool powers or at least put my geek tendencies to help the Fae. And if I get taken out by a succubus, oh, well, I get taken out by a succubus.

Heather Hogan: My gut reaction is to choose somewhere like Gotham City so I can hook-up with meet Batwoman or Batgirl; or, say, Metropolis for Supergirl; or Sunnydale for Buffy; or Hogsmede for Hermione; or Rosewood for Spencer Hastings. But I’m such a clumsy coward, I’d be dead in those places in a second. So, I reckon I’ll go with The Shire. I live a quiet country life anyway, and if I lived in The Shire, I’d enjoy all the things I enjoy now, plus second breakfast!

Trish Bendix: I’ve loved The Phantom Tollbooth since I was a youngster and so I’d like to pick The Kingdom of Wisdom. I’d probably live in the part called Dictionopolis, where you can buy or sell letters to make up the sentences and consume delicious vowels. I’d stay away from the other capitol city of Digitopolis, though. I have no use for numbers, no matter what the Pricesses Rhyme and Reason say.

Where would you go if it were so?

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