The Weekly Geek: Kick-Ass Mother’s Day


Just in time for Mother’s Day, the good folks at Wired have just added the fabulous lady geeks of GeekMom to their stable of bloggers. In the site’s welcome post, GeekMom extraordinaire Kathey Ceceri opens with the GeekMom theme song and proceeds to get Wired readers up to speed on what this democratizing parenting blog is all about.


The ladies promise “an epic friendship in the making” along with the usual awesome posts about geeky news, geeky projects, and fandom-related goodness. Here’s what I found to be the most eye-catching:

We write (not always in nice inside voices) about the media, including cliched portrayals of working mothers, a lack of strong female characters in superhero comics, and the need for more of Dana Scully-like characters.

I may not be a parent (at least, not for a long time), but that’s something I think we can all get behind. I’ll be reading you, ladies!

Speaking of Mother’s Day, The Mary Sue has just posted an excellent list of Moms Who Get to Be the Hero. The list includes a few of our favorite badass mommas, including Sarah Connor, Gwen Cooper of Torchwood, and lesser-known (but still amazing) ladies like Kate “Manhunter” Spencer, a DC hero who pulls triple duty as a single mom, kick-ass federal prosecutor, and caped crusader of justice.

Photo from DC Comics

From the post:

While Kate went up against villains the like of Two-Face, and alongside heroes like the Birds of Prey, her stories always made time to focus on the fact that she was a very busy single mom whose dedication to her work, both in costume and out (where she did things like defend Wonder Woman against a murder charge and send her paralegal to serve the Justice League with papers), often kept her from him for long periods of time. Being a single working mom is hard enough, without also being a superhero with no superpowers and raising a kid who can crush semi trucks.

Where’s her blockbuster movie?

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