New Music Tuesday: Karmin, Sara Watkins and more


Good morning beauties! I’m going to be participating in a survey about snack foods for three hours later today and the former fat girl in me is excited and terrified all at the same time. Not gonna lie though: no matter what questions are posed, being paid to give my opinion on anything makes up for any flashbacks to fat camp I may have. As for today’s music, it seems to be a lighter load than the previous few weeks so I’m including some extra special additions at the bottom and you can also expect a round of Weekly Women to Listen to tomorrow!

KarminHello (Epic Records)

Photo by Steven Duarte

The debut full-length (albeit short) album from the YouTube cover sensations is actually what I would consider a step in the right direction for pop music. I think everyone can agree that a lot of the band’s “wow” factor is the spot-on quickness and smoothness of Amy Heidemann‘s rap flow. Her ability to sing is absolutely there but at this point it’s hard for me to tell if she’s found her own voice or if she’s still covering Beyonce or Katy Perry even while singing her own songs. Regardless, I’ve got to hand it to her, she’s got the goods and is basically a one-woman Black Eyed Peas. I know Amy has a partner in all of this, Nick Noonan, but at this point his star quality isn’t shining through.

Sara WatkinsSun Midnight Sun (Nonesuch Records)

Is it just me or has there been a whole lot of pop-Americana coming out lately? The former Nickel Creek member’s solo album is, for me, nice background music but takes a long time to hit its stride. Surprisingly, the third track, “You’re The One I Love” featuring Fiona Apple, still leaves me a little cold. It isn’t until we hit the fourth track, “When It Pleases You,” which is when her voice cracks with raw emotion and actually makes the listener feel as though she cares strongly about what she’s singing about – which is really what I’m looking for. You can stream the album in its entirety over at NPR.

Honorable Mentions: Silversun Pickups, Glenn Frey, PS I Love You, Damon Albarn, Mary Mary, MeWithoutYou, Here We Go Magic, Kitsun, America (compilation), Chappo, Royal Headache, Kindness, Dot Hacker, Animal Kingdom, S. Carey, Aaron Freeman, DZ Deathrays, Philip Glass, Pitbull and Dana Buoy.


Other cool stuff: Garbage is giving away their first single for free via iTunes (North America) right now.

Check out a great new song from Mynabirds:

I was recently introduced to a fantastic new artist whose first single, “Finders Keepers,” pretty much literally blew me away. Remember the name Miriam Bryant because I can almost guarantee we’ll be hearing a lot more from her in the near future.

Also, check out this awesome video from out surf-punk pioneer Susan Surftone (this reminds me it’s almost Psycho Beach Party season!):

That’s all for this week but be sure to come back tomorrow for a new round of ladies you should be putting in your ears regardless of how soon their next album comes out. As always, feel free to drop me a note, tweet at me or friend me on Facebook.

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