Morning Brew – Mon. May 7: Beth Ditto on her wedding plans, Heather Peace on another season of “Waterloo Road”


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You can get a glimpse of Katherine (Dana Delany) in the promo for the finale of Desperate Housewives. I’m still hoping she says that she and Robin are still together, but Robin didn’t feel like coming back to Wisteria Lane, where she’s known as “the lesbian stripper.”


Besides Lip Service, Heather Peace is also on the show Waterloo Road, which she says she’ll continue to appear on next season.

I’ve just signed up for the next series. They’ve told me nothing about it yet, so I’ve signed up blind. It’s a really big drama, and it’s so popular with kids, which is part of the reason I re-signed. I work with a charity, Diversity Role Models, who go into schools to dispel the myths about gay people. I love Waterloo Road, but it does tie you up for so long, six months, but the kids absolutely love it, especially 12-13 year olds, and that fits in with the aims of the charity.

Uh oh — hopefully this won’t mean Sam will be leaving Lip Service the way another one of them did recently. Trying to keep this spoiler-free! (On a side note, that scene between Sam and Frankie on this last week’s episode had me biting my nails!)

NPR interviewed Rachel Maddow about why we go to war, which is what she discusses in her new book, Drift.

Beth Ditto told The Guardian she’s planning to marry her girlfriend, Kristin Ogata, next April and that both brides will wear white.

She’s from Hawaii and I’m from Arkansas, and I’m like, this is going to be the most hilarious cultural matching. It’s going to be hysterical.

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And awesome. What a fun wedding that will be!

Speaking of nuptials, NYC politician Christine Quinn and her partner Kim Catullo have announced they will marry on May 19. Think of all the power lesbians that will be in attendance!

What makes Wonder Woman so gay? Shannon Marcus muses about it in an essay for The Hooded Utilitarian:

[Writer Claire] Mulvey assumes a specific kind of heterosexual framework that seems less than relevant to the lesbian kitsch world of “Villainy, Incorporated.” This is a universe of female prisons, Amazons swearing by “Suffering Sappho,”and boarding school crushes (“Oh what strength — Princess, you are wonderful!”). Is #28 just a variation on a girlie show, designed by men for men, an appropriation of lesbian pulp? Or does it allow both male and female readers to identify with powerful femininity and vulnerable masculinity? I’d incline to the latter, given how #28 pumps up female agency and bonds between women while downplaying male power. Steve is as apt to be tied up as any of the female characters, and in his last appearance in this episode, though he comes to Wonder Woman’s rescue, he’s rendered as a barely discernible stick figure.

Amber Heard looked fetching at a Quest Love Food event in New York this weekend.

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