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Yes, it’s that time of year again. It’s Hot 100 time here at!

There are a lot of definitions of “hot” in the dictionary, but the one we tend to go by for our annual Hot 100 is closest to this:

Feeling or producing an uncomfortable sensation of heat.

Perhaps uncomfortable isn’t exactly the right word — maybe it’s more like “unsettling.” Because when you see or think of this woman you are literally bothered by it. You’ll notice your reaction instantly. You might start to feel your pulse quicken, your heart beat louder, something in your stomach flutter. The one who causes that, ladies, is one hot woman.

But, of course, hot is still differently defined to each of us, which is why our Hot 100 list can change so much or so little over the years. In 2007, Leisha Hailey was the hottest, which probably had to do with the popularity of The L Word at the time. Tina Fey was number one in 2008, which was a huge year for her career with Mean Girls and Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live. That sexy Bust magazine cover didn’t hurt either. In 2009, Portia de Rossi jumped up 37 spots from the previous year based on the resurgence of Arrested Development fame, a new sitcom and an adorable appearance on her wife’s show. And in 2010, Olivia Wilde was a no-brainer for playing Thirteen, the bisexual bombshell on House — and making those lusty comments about Megan Fox.

And last year’s #1, Naya Rivera, certainly had a lot to do with the Gleeful feelings you all have.

So you think actresses are hot, but they range in age from 24 to 38 (at the time of their number one status) and from openly gay to playing gay on TV to just really gay-friendly (Thanks, Ms. Fey.) And that’s just the women who have made it to the top! The rest of the list is even more diverse, though we do encourage you to expand even wider this year and think beyond the mainstream white and young bodies. We want to know what women you think are hot in every way — from their personalities to their personal talents, right down to their political persuasions or maybe their lack thereof. Whatever tickles your Sapphic fancy! Which is why we do this, you know — because we tend to fancy women much differently than men do, or at least we like to evaluate the whole package, not just the wrapping.

Not only does the Hot 100 give the winners an ego boost, it helps us to see what women you want to read more about; who we should cover more often or even who has let their flame burn out. Because if they aren’t making you uncomfortable in the right way, then we don’t want them bothering us in the wrong way.

The beauty of the Hot 100 is that you, the reader, get to decide exactly what qualifies as hot.

You can vote once per day using the form below. But note, duplicate names on the same form submission will be discarded and they will only count as one vote. Please nominate each person by their full name (e.g. “Sarah Smith, not “Sara” or “Sarah S.”) and spell it correctly.

The polls will be open until midnight Friday May 25th, and then we’ll publish the results in late June.


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