Gay Girl’s Goggles: “The Secret Circle” SnapCap (1.19) “Crystal”



The Secret Circle has gotten way too serious. What use is magic without the woman/woman alchemy that made us love this show? This week, we even had to abandon one of our ships. Dassie suddenly turned icky, now that we know Cassie and Diana are sisters in Balcoin, not Sappho. 

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Even ickier — they’ve both slept with the same lesbian.


You know what’s really hard about being a witch? Dating outside the Circle. In fact, it’s very, very hard! Too hard for a witch who just wants to be with her leprechaun. She’s quitting, darn it — just as soon as the whole witch hunter thing is over.

Good luck with that, Balcoin sister. 

Hey, remember when we wondered if John Blackwell is a good guy or a bad guy? Wonder no more — he killed Grams! Just because she intended to kill him first. Sheesh. 

Poor Jane. Cooked to a crisp by her own cruet. 


This wasn’t an easy week for Faye. Just when she thought she might be the other Blackwell and have dark magic of her very own, she learns that her mom’s only hookup with John was in her diary. But we did enjoy a reading from the book of Dawn, as only Faye could do:

“‘July 12, 1994. I’m deeply in love. He says my presence chases away the dark like the dawn of every day.’ Ew, I have to stop. I just ate.”

On looking for her family crystal:

“I can’t believe I just rifled my mom’s underwear drawer. Someone that old shouldn’t have that many thongs.”


We met another Elder tonight: Jake and Nick’s grandfather Q, er, Royce. 

He’s pretty obsessed with Blackwell and thinks that binding the Circle sealed its members’ doom. But he has a pretty good reason for thinking so — and from him we finally learn the history behind what happened to the Parental Circle. 

Eight hundred years ago, 18 families escaped from the Salem Witch Trials and split into three circles. Two stayed on the East Coast; the third settled in Chance Harbor. But the Balcoin line sent John Blackwell to corrupt the families with dark magic; he fed them lies and pushed them to confront the witch hunters. Even after the fire, Royce didn’t believe that Blackwell was so easily stopped. He realized that what Balcoin really wanted was to corrupt the circle from within – by having children. That would ensure that the next generation’s circle would be dark at its core. If the two other circles have been corrupted in the same way, it would tip the balance of good and evil and good magic would be “swallowed by a river of blood.” 

I think I remember a song about that from the Baptist Hymnal.

I have to admit that the whole dark magic thing is starting to make sense to me. And that scares me a lot more than evil taking over the witchy world. 

What did you think about this week’s The Secret Circle? With two episodes left, what do you expect to see? Do you think the show deserves another season?

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