Morning Brew – Thurs. April 19: Rachel Maddow on “Watch What Happens: Live,” Jessie J on rumors she’s a secret lesbian


Good morning!

Rachel Maddow was on Watch What Happens: Live last night on Bravo, where we got to see a clip from her high school valedictorian speech in which she used the word “condom.” You can watch the whole show and then please enjoy these behind-the-scenes photos, because they are too good not to. Rachel won the poll for “Hottest MSNBC Host” that they held during the show, too. Obviously!

All photos from Bravo

At yesterday’s NBC Summer Press Tour, Cee-Lo Green told us he keeps in touch with only some of his past team members, but one of the ones he does keep up with is last season’s Vicci Martinez.

Me and Vicci Martinez have a new single out. It’s called “Come With Me.” I’m going to help her shape and executive produce her album and we’ll be shooting the video soon in the next few weeks.

And why does he always end up with the lesbians on his team? (He’s had three of the four on the show so far.)

[big grin] I don’t know. Maybe they know they’re going to have that unconditional love from my team.

USA Today thinks Shonda Rhimes will never create the same magic she once did with Grey’s Anatomy. Agree?

Michelle Rodriguez and Jessica Alba are reportedly in talks to appear in Machete Kills, the sequel to the first film they both starred in.

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly filming her Glee episode this week. It’s all happening!

When Arrested Development is ready to go on Netflix, all 10 episodes will be released at once. Clear your weekend schedule!

Michael Musto calls out Queen Latifah and Ellen Page in his piece for Out about the glass closet. He writes, “I’m still urging: Don’t be glassy, be classy!”

Some d-bag wrote an unauthorized biography of Jessie J and said she’s truly a lesbian who says she’s bisexual to be trendy and more accessible. Seriously. From your favorite publication, The Sun:

Author Chloe Govan says: “Jessie might have been with boys in the past — but she is 100 per cent gay. Jessie was openly lesbian and didn’t hide it. She was advised not to come out, though. Certain people thought being bi was trendy, exotic and a fashion statement. It would increase her allure. Being gay would alienate people. They knew how important image was and asked her to tone it down a bit. There are so many homophobes out there, they feared a career-damaging backlash.

Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images

Jessie responded on Twitter:

Its funny how many people I’ve dated/slept with that I’ve never even met according to the tabloids. BUT what’s that?! *whispers because its a secret* I’m really a lesbian?! Ha! Thanks for writing yet another boring untrue story. I thought I was still dating Tinie, NO Ellie G, NO Mark Wright….bla bla bla! #cantkeepup #noneofitstrue

Why would being bisexual be better for homophobes? I’m pretty sure they are equal opportunity haters.

Cynthia Nixon has rosacea and she wants you to know about it.

Wanda Sykes is on The Ellen Show today. Here’s a promo to get you amped.

Today in Lesbianish TV: The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Tabatha Coffey on Dr. Oz, Talking Liberally with Stephanie Miller (Current 9 a.m.), Rosie O’Donnell on Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List (Bravo 11 a.m.), The Kids Are All Right (HBO Signature 11:15 a.m.), *Roseanne (Oxygen 12 p.m.), Mulholland Dr. (TMAX 1:30 p.m.), The Talk (CBS 2 p.m.), *Baby’s First Day (TLC 2:30 p.m.), The Hours (Showtime 5 p.m.), The Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC 9 p.m.), Grey’s Anatomy (ABC 9 p.m.), V For Vendetta (Logo 9 p.m.), The Kids Are All Right (HBO Signature 10 p.m.), Fortune Feimster on Chelsea Lately (E! 11 p.m.), Black Swan (TMAX 11:50 p.m.), Childrens Hospital (Cartoon Network 12:15 a.m.) and Bound (WMAX 1:35 a.m.) (Thanks Roni!)

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