Morning Brew – Tues. April 10: Sandra Bernhard on making lesbians mad, Jane Lynch on “Ellen”


Happy Tuesday!

Melissa Etheridge is still working out her divorce settlement with Tammy Lynn Michaels. According to E!, Tammy wants more than the $23,000 a month she’s been offered, saying she needs more from the rockstar who earns a monthly $178,000. I’m learning a valuable lesson here: Marry a rockstar and never let her go.

Roseanne Barr talked with Sandra Bernhard for Interview magazine. (Roseanne and Nancy, together again!) Here’s an excerpt:

BARR: What do you think of Ellen [DeGeneres]? I mean, you were, like, 10 years ahead of all that of comics being honest about who they are to the media. I feel like a lot of women comics owe you—you know, Wanda Sykes, Rosie O’Donnell, Ellen . . .

BERNHARD: The interesting thing is, people always ask me in interviews about my character on Roseanne, and I always tell them that it was never our intention to beat people over the head.

BARR: Well, the character on Roseanne was taken from your stage show, because I’d seen you and you were completely honest about who you were, and people were freaking out right and left because they had never heard of anybody being up-front about their sexuality. “Oh, I want to get married and have a few kids”-that was the bulls–t thing they were slinging. But you weren’t.

BERNHARD: Well, I was also just blurring the lines of sexuality and never saying, “Okay, well, I’m gay and I’m angry and I fought to be gay.” I never classified what I was, and still don’t. I’m a sexual person. A lot of different people turn me on and have over the years, and I’ve always wanted to make it very clear that this was not coming from some sort of antimale point of view.

BARR: A lot of women were really pissed off at you though.


BARR: A lot of lesbians.

BERNHARD: Exactly.

Photograph by Sebastian Kim for Interview magazine

I wasn’t mad at her. I enjoyed her outfits too much.

Out director Lisa Cholodenko is moving forward with her film adaptation of the kids book Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. It sounds like Steve Carell is going to sign on to star as Ben, Alexander’s dad who sleeps with Julianne Moore.

Dana Delany is officially coming back for the Desperate Housewives finale. Unfortunately, Julie Benz is not. Does this mean Katherine and Robin have split? I hope not!

US Weekly reports that Samantha Ronson and Erin Foster have, indeed, broken up. Says an anonymous source (of course):

Sam is traveling and leads a different lifestyle; they have different priorities. It was amicable.

Speaking of Sam, she will be spinning the songs at this year’s An Evening With Women for the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center. Also involved this year: Courtney Love and Wanda Sykes. It’s happening on May 19 at the Beverly Hilton and you can score your $300 ticket at their website.

BuzzFeed Shift has an interesting story on dating site CheaterVille allowing LGBT members (gee, thanks guys). Perhaps not so shocking is the fact that most of the LGBT cheaters are men.

Make sure to catch Jane Lynch on The Ellen Show today. Here’s a clip of Jane as Ellen’s wax figure.

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