“The Fosters” Season 2: The scoop from the set

David gets called back to set, and after a lengthy wait we’re joined by Cierra Ramirez aka Mariana Foster.


AE: Will Mariana’s birth mom remain in the picture this season?
CR: That storyline isn’t going to be left behind, but after everything that happened with her mom in the hospital she’s completely done with Anna and everything that has to do with her. I’m sure it will come back to haunt her.

AE: So Marinna will realizes there are very real consequences to her actions.
CR: Yes, exactly. I feel like that’s what a lot of this season is about, with Callie running away, we’re going to deal with the repercussions from that.

AE: How has Mariana changed?
CR: The one thing I love about Mariana is the fact that she’s 15, she’s going to make mistakes, she’s dealing with all that stuff, wanting to know who her biological mom is, and that got her into some trouble, but she really does honestly have a good heart and that’s one thing I’ve always loved about her. Even though she was doing these things that seemed very selfish, underneath all that you saw that she had very good intentions and she has a heart. She can do some mean things and say some nasty stuff, but she is very sweet.


AE: At one point, Mariana seemed to feel very self-conscious about her two gay moms.  What’s your character’s thought process when she gets uncomfortable?
CR: I think for as long as she remembered these have been her moms, and she was completely OK with that. I think it was more that she wanted a very traditional Quinceanera and everyone was asking her who’s going to dance with you and that’s when the embarrassment came into play. You see after that episode that she realizes, “You are the most important thing to me and I’m sorry I didn’t dance with you.” That’s what I love about her: she has a heart. She’s learning. She’s making mistakes. I don’t think she was ever embarrassed. She embraces it. This is who she is. It took that Quincenera to get her to notice that, to realize that.

AE: How’s Mariana’s love life?
CR: She’s never had a boyfriend before, so she doesn’t know how to get boys’ attention. She decides to volunteer for a school play all because of a cute boy, so we’re going to see how that plays out! She rekindles with a friend with the play, so you’ll have to see how that turns out because it’s going to get her into some trouble I think. Her past is definitely going to be brought up. Her brother took the blame for [the pills] but she might have to end up taking it. There will be answers.

AE: How does she feel now about Lexi and Jesus?
CR: She’s all for it—now. I think it was more the idea that they were doing it behind her back. She just doesn’t like being out of the loop. That’s kind of an ideal situation, [her brother dating] her best friend. You already approve of the girlfriend! She definitely approves of Jexi.

AE: How does Lexi moving affect things?
CR: She finds out about her trip back and that’s definitely going to be hard, the long distance thing, they’re going to have to be doing a lot of Skype sessions and stuff like that. I guess she has a lot of hope for them and she wants them staying together. I don’t want to give too much away.

AE: Did you get a chance to work with Rosie O’Donnell?
CR: I did have a couple of scenes with her. She’s so awesome. So amazing. It was such a good experience. All of that storyline is going to be so awesome. I’m really excited for those scenes—it’s completely different. It’s like its own pilot, almost.

AE: Is Mariana’s sexuality portrayed differently than the boys?
CR: With Lexi talking about losing her virginity with Jesus, that’s definitely a little bit of pressure, and with these new boys coming into play and they’re a little bit older, and she’s trying to get their attention, that’s definitely going to become an issue. She’s young and she’s learning and she’s going to have to experience what that means and how much she’s ready for.

AE: What else is happening in Mariana’s life?
CR: The dynamic is definitely thrown off when Callie runs away. She’s built up this relationship and this bond with Callie—at first they started out rivals, she was intimidated by this new girl who came into her house—but you see their relationship form and then she runs away and Mariana’s left thinking what did we do? She becomes really close with Jude this season, and I love that.

AE: How is your character handling the shooting? Are her moms still mad about it?
CR: She’s really scared that they’re not going to want her anymore [after the shooting]. She’s still left with this guilt throughout the season but she’s reminded that she’s loved and that’s the most important thing.

The Fosters winter premiere is tonight, January 13, at 9 EST/8 CT p.m.  on ABC Family. Who else is super excited?

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