Feminist Friday: Stand for Wendy Davis

This Week in Good:

Wow, do you even remember the uproar over Kickstarter keeping up that pick-up artist manual? It seems so quaint now. At any rate, Kickstarter issued an apology — and not one of those never-admit-responsibility non-apologies, a proper apology.

And Coy Mathis, a transgender six-year-old, won the right to use the girls’ bathroom at school.

This Week in Ugh:

A twelve-year-old girl has been kicked off her football team because some of the boys started having “impure” thoughts about her and that was obviously her fault.

Also? Fox News is not always great on ladies who think they should get to have opinions, even when they’re studio guests who have been invited to comment.

This Week in Thinky:

Artist Mike Roshuk gave some Disney Princesses a warrior makeover. (Hat tip to Buzzfeed)

How do you feel about the obvious internal bad-assery combined with the ever-impractical, much discussed boob armor?

Images courtesy of Mike Roshuk’s website

And do geek stereotypes keep women from pursuing science and tech?

This Week in Awesome:

Take a moment (or an eternity) to revel in Feminist Yog-Sothoth. (Via The Mary Sue)

Image courtesy of the Dave You Fool tumblr

And thanks to StonerMC for this good long clip of the amazing Jane Goodall being interviewed.

Have a great weekend. Get out there, release your inner bad-ass, and stand up for your beliefs like you’re Wendy Freaking Davis.

Image courtesy of UltraViolet

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