Feminist Friday: Stand for Wendy Davis

This Week in Ladybits Elsewhere:

You know those buffer zones around women’s health clinics that ensure that the women going in only have to be verbally harassed while being surrounded by monstrous signs? Those are under appeal with the Supreme Court.

Oh, and while we were watching Texas and the Supreme Court, Ohio freaking snuck punitive lie-to-your-patients ultrasound anti-abortion language into the freaking state budget. And I do mean snuck in:

And North Carolina wants teachers to lie to seventh-graders. Dr. Maddow, can you take this one?

This Week in Are You Goobers Kidding Me:

The GOP is looking for more female Republican candidates. Presumably ones that hate their own bodily autonomy and don’t ever speak.

This Week in Even More Happily Ever After:

40 Years after the patrons of the Upstairs Lounge were burned to death and nearly 44 years after Stonewall, The Supreme Court came through, striking down DOMA and telling the people who wanted to keep Prop 8 to stuff a sock in it and accept a lower court’s ruling that the same-sex marriage ban was unconstitutional. This means that marriage equality is returning to California (How we’ve missed you!) and couples who are already married get to do things like file joint tax returns and pass on Social Security benefits to their spouses. Which is the dry way of talking about it. I don’t know about you, but my Facebook page has been full of married people happycrying over what it’s like to have their loving relationships truly recognized as legitimate instead of being shoved over into a legislative corner.

Lots of bigots lost their minds over how awful and icky it was that LGBT people might get treated like people by the federal government, then lost their minds again about how unfair it is to call them bigots just because they devote time and energy to spreading hate and fear about people who are different. Fortunately, those bigots are hilariously pathetic.

Not to mention their adorably ill-advised logos and taglines. (Hat tip to the excellent Chris Geidner, who noticed and tweeted.)

Image via Mr. Geidner’s Twitter feed

Oh, hi, Nancy Pelosi. Did you happen to have the exact correct response to Michele Bachmann’s insane Angry Avenging Jesus reaction to the Supreme Court ruling? I thought you might.

This Week in Not So Fast:

…But before the Supremes handed out some tasty rights to same-sex couples (or at least to those who live in states where they’re allowed to get married), they stuck their hands into the Voting Rights Act, ripped out its still-beating heart, and showed it to a horrified nation.

The part of the VRA that they struck down was the part that said states with a history of putting horrible racist restrictions on voters had to go through the Department of Justice before changing their voting laws. The logic of the Court’s majority was that we don’t need that anymore because racism is over. Because when was the last time you heard of states trying to put racially targeted voter restriction laws into place? Oh, that’s right, during the last freaking election.

Racism, it turns out, is so over that some states were swinging their awesome racist laws into place within hours of the announcement.

And, seriously, I know we LGBT folks and allies are all happily butt-dancing and shooting rainbows out of every available orifice to celebrate the DOMA and Prop 8 defeats, but if you’re not on the horn or at your keyboard or actually taking pen to paper and screaming, screaming, screaming at your reps to refortify the VRA immediately, you can’t call yourself a feminist or an activist or even a particularly good LGBT person, no matter how flawless your butt-dancing and rainbow shooting may be.

And it’s not just because these new Jim Crow 2 laws will make it harder to get people who women and LGBT folks like and who like us elected — though they will; Texas Republicans are already trying to gerrymander Wendy Davis out of her Senate seat.

It’s because we, as women or members of the LGBT community or any other group that has been on the less-than side of the rights equation know what it’s like and are honor-bound to call it out and shout it down, whether the inequality in question personally affects us or not.

It’s because we, as a civilized nation, cannot tolerate elections in which white people get to vote in a matter of minutes and everybody else has to take a day off work because of the seven-hour lines. Or can’t vote at all because of sudden new ID hurdles that allow gun licenses but not student IDS, or require state IDs that are burdensome and sometimes expensive to get. It is unjust at the most fundamental level of what our nation is supposed to be. And we should be putting on our pink sneakers and kicking ass until it stops.

Also? Justice Alito is a rude jerk who openly made fun of certifiably awesome Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg while she was reading a dissenting opinion on another case, pointing out that the Supreme Court had just made it way easier to get away with sexual harassment.

Do not mess with Justice Ginsberg, sir. She’s our girl.

Image from the Teespring website

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