Feminist Friday: Some People Fight Rape; Eric Cantor Fights for Rapists


This Week in Delight and General Bad-Assery

Buzzfeed posted 60 amazing moments from Seattle’s first day of marriage equality.

Photo via BuzzFeed

Michigan State Senator Gretchen Whitmer went ovaries to wall against the state’s vicious union-busting legislation. (Thanks to Mary for the heads-up.)

Hey, remember McKenna Pope, who’s trying to get Easy-Bake to market to all kids instead of just the girls? And her brother Gavyn who loves to cook? Turns out a whole lot of chefs were ready to help out.


A group of Baltimore feminists called Upsetting Rape Culture awesomely pranked Victoria’s Secret by countering their panties with “SURE THING” written across the crotch with a fake line of panties called Pink Loves Consent.

The consentwear, featuring slogans like “ASK FIRST” drew a lot of fake praise toward flustered Victoria’s Secret reps, who knew their company had not done any such thing, wonderful though it may have been.

Though the hoax is out in the open, Jezebel reports that the ladies are still going strong and having fun making their point by sneaking their underwear into actual Victoria’s Secret bins.

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